1. the philosophy of existentialism heavily influenced writers of the postmodernism literary movement. true false 2. modernist writers [Solved]

This assertion is ture

This assertion is ture

True. Rationalization: The philosophy of existentialism, largely developed by Sartre, positioned the human being in the midst of the discourse by stating that one is compelled to reside by way of the implications of 1s personal selections, devoid of any recourse to a type of divinity or teleology that would safe the foundations of human selections. One is condemned to decide on, and one is what one does. Postmodernity, in some ways, appropriated this declare and took it additional by stressing this absolute relativity relating to human selections, ethics and the development of the social physique.

The assertion The philosophy of existentialism closely influenced writers of the postmodernism literary motion. is true.

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