8 Best Medical Schools in Virginia [Solved]

If your search for Medical Schools in Virginia has led you to this article, you are absolutely at the correct place as we will be discussing some of the best Medical Schools in Virginia.

Medical schools are the basic needs of the students who want to excel in their medical profession. If you want to become a doctor, you may also want to go to the best school in your area. Therefore if you are from Virginia, here are some of the top medical schools that can help you to complete your dream and become a doctor.

Best Medical Schools in Virginia

Following are the top medical schools in which you can enroll yourself

University of Virginia Medical School

The University has a well-established dedication to public service and a high medical school ranking for both primary care and research. The UVA School of Medicine will offer you Ph.D. and masters degree programs in addition to the M.D. program. You will get a variety of Ph.D. programs, including biomedical sciences (BIMS). Students who receive a BIMS complete formal coursework as well as substantial laboratory research with the help of three faculty mentors.

  • Average GPA 3.94
  • Average MCAT 520
  • Tuition fees $50,004 (in-state) and $61,114 (out-of-state)
  • Application deadline 1 November

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

This university is one of the leading universities in terms of its research work, teaching skills, and patient care. There are around $300 million in research projects done by the university. The only motive of the university is to make you capable doctors that are useful in bringing positive changes in the healthcare sector. You will develop various skills through their collaborative and community engagement techniques. The main focus of the university is to bring the best strategies to treat patients with cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

  • Average GPA 3.83
  • Average MCAT 514
  • Tuition fees $33,752 (in-state) and $56,578 (out-of-state)
  • Application deadline 15 October
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Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

It is committed to giving an extraordinary medical education to the students enrolled in its school. If you are passionate about health, research, and the community courses then this school is for you. They will help you to become the leading physicians with their educational knowledge in discovery and research. Another advantage that you will get is that there are various scholarships that you will get if you need financial aid for your studies.

  • Average GPA 3.61
  • Average MCAT 512
  • Tuition fees $56,082
  • Application deadline 1 December

Eastern Virginia Medical School Medical School

The main motive of this school is to teach you and make you a leading professional in the healthcare sector. In the university, you will get a lot of research projects in which you can take part. You will also get to explore excellence in medical sciences, integrity, and collegiality skills. The school is committed to improving the curriculum and learning outcomes.

  • Average GPA 3.72
  • Average MCAT 513
  • Tuition fees $33,767 (in-state) and $57,510 (out-of-state)
  • Application deadline 1 November

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Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine Medical School

This is one of the best Osteopathic medical schools in Virginia. The main mission of the university is to make you a capable physician so that you could help every individual in medical healthcare. VCOM also believes in organizing various kinds of research work to promote good health care. The most common degree that you will get to see is the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine(DO). As a student, you will be working with a lot of physicians to help patients in the surrounding regions or patients from other countries. This not only helps you to develop the required skills but also gives you the clinical experience that will help you to become a better professional.

  • Average GPA 3.7
  • Average MCAT 502
  • Tuition fees $47,800
  • Application deadline 1 March
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Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Your education at the university will combine with a lot of research work. The faculty in the university also works with a lot of Christian beliefs. You need to select a specific field in which you need to get specialized. Then you will get to learn theoretically as well as get clinical experience in the chosen field. The university also helps you to become a professional who can create awareness among the people about tobacco consumption as it is located in a tobacco-prone area.

  • Average GPA 3.4
  • Average MCAT 503
  • Tuition fees $48,000
  • Application deadline 1 March

Northern Virginia Community College

There are around 3500 students that come to the school each year. You will get 10 health-related programs from which you can choose the program. The college will help you to get all the related details and curriculum to become a professional doctor. You can choose your subjects in Nursing, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy assistant, emergency medical services, etc.

  • Average GPA 3
  • Average MCAT 500
  • Tuition fees $5610 (in-state) and $11,693 (out-of-state)
  • Application deadline 1 October

Marymount University

The university offers you excellent high-learning facilities and also gives you a lot of clinical experience. You will find a lot of courses from undergraduate to graduate programs in the medical field. The programs and the clinical experience help to connect with the real world. You also get a lot of internship programs that are related to your subjects. Some of the fields that you can choose from are physical therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, etc.

  • Average GPA 3.26
  • Average MCAT 497
  • Tuition fees $34,540
  • Application deadline 1 November
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