8 Free Medical Schools that take no Tuition Fees [Solved]

Graduation rate 85%

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8 Free Medical Schools that take no Tuition Fees

List of Free Medical Schools that take no Tuition Fees

Here are the following universities that will take zero tuition fees from you to study in their university

New York University

This university includes the Grossman School of Medicine which is one of the high-ranking medical schools in the US. It pays all students tuition fees to help them to get help. Every student, without any exception, receives these free tuition perks. However, there are different extra costs that you need to pay on your own. The faculty in clinical and basic sciences are nationally and internationally renowned teachers. There are around 29 academic departments at the university. The main aim is to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration between the students and the faculty members. The university works to bring together the best in you.

For more such education-related articles, you may also glance through, 12 Best Certifications that Pay Well List of Certificate Programs that Pay Well

For more such education-related articles, you may also glance through, 12 Best Certifications that Pay Well List of Certificate Programs that Pay Well

Graduation rate 85%

Graduation rate 85%

SAT Score 1370-1540

Washington University

This university has a lot of financial aid services that will help you to reduce your burden of tuition fees. The financial aid services are either based on merits or the needs of the student. A total scholarship of $100 million is given to students every year. You can also take a loan from the university to study in their college. The loan or scholarships are given after calculating the Expected Family Contribution(EFC).

  • MCAT 509-528
  • ACT Score 33-35
  • SAT Score 1480-1560
  • Acceptance rate 16%
  • Graduation rate 95%
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MCAT 522

University Of Bergen

This is a publically-funded university that again helps you to cover your tuition fees. Although you need to pay $65 to the Student welfare organization. Along with it you also need to pay for the food, accommodation, etc on your own. There are more than 4000 faculty members at the university.

  • MCAT 514
  • ACT Score Above 25
  • Acceptance rate 29%
  • Graduation rate 32.4%

Columbia University

Columbia University has a reputed college for medical students known as Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons. The university was the first ever university to give scholarships to its students. It not only gives scholarships to help students pay their tuition fees, but the deserving students also get financial aid for their expenses. In addition to it, there are so many events that take place during the week to help students to learn various concepts in addition to their normal subjects and syllabus.

  • MCAT 512-528
  • ACT Score 33-35
  • SAT Score 1440-1570
  • Acceptance rate 7%
  • Graduation rate 96%

Medical University of Vienna

This is one of the oldest running universities in the world. It is the biggest medical school in America. Students to study at this university need to pay tuition fees along with the Student union fees. Though there are two types of exemptions Temporary and Permanent. Students who come under the temporary exemption, need to give subsidized fees only. However, if you have a permanent exemption, you need only Union Fees. The university has given several Nobel prize winners some of which are Robert Barany, Georg Joseph Beer, etc.

  • MCAT 516
  • ACT Score 33
  • Acceptance rate 9%
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University of Buenos Aires

This university is located in Argentina. No matter who you are and where you live, you will get free study at this university. It also offers Italian and Chinese students special scholarships due to the agreements between the government of Argentina with them. Also, there are over 300,000 enrollments every year in the university. You will be amazed to hear this but the university is responsible for 40% of total research done in Argentina.

  • MCAT 512
  • Acceptance rate 12%

University of Oslo

This university has 0 tuition fees for the students. Though you have to pay $74 for the semester fees and other housing and food expenses. You will work with the research department in your final year and help to develop new techniques for treating the patients. The university also allows you to work part-time, to earn a little for your educational expenses.

Kaiser Permanente J. Tyson School of Medicine

This university is established in Pasadena, California. If you are enrolling in this school till 2024 then you will get to study with 0 tuition fees. The school will also help you to cover your health charges. Though you need to pay for the one-time registration fees and other fees related to food, accommodation, etc. Also if you are not able to pay for your living expenses then you might have a chance to get financial aid or help from the school. However, you should keep one point in mind: getting accepted into this school is hard. There are around 13% of international enrollments in the school.

  • MCAT 516
  • Acceptance rate 0.5%
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Many students dream to become doctors but just because of financial problems are not able to get into them. If you are one such student, then the good news is you can still study in the best medical colleges with no tuition fees. However, you may have to pay for your living expenses.

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