Are there Cameras in College classrooms [Solved]

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To have a camera in a college or school depends entirely on the institution. some colleges dont have a camera in the classroom. Still, most colleges do have cameras in the school for various purposes such as to record the lecture for the student who has any doubt about the lecture, to maintain the learning environment in the school, and for security issues. This article is all about the camera in college classrooms.

Are there Cameras in College classrooms

Having a camera in a college classroom depends on the college and the location where you live. According to the rules and provinces of the college, cameras are not allowed and the student cant record the lecture either. But some colleges do allow cameras in the classrooms as it gives benefits to the students and the institution also. The camera is set by the administration only.

What are the benefits of Cameras in a Classroom

Record Lessons:

By recording the class the student who is not able to understand the lecture can see the recorded class again. There are some cases where the student is not able to note everything taught in the class that too can be done by watching the recorded session.

Better Teaching:

Recording the classroom lecture would not only benefit the students but also the teachers and the professors as by watching them they can see the areas in which they need to improve, get feedback from the video and also improve their notes.

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Limit Misconduct:

Many students misbehave in classes. When the class is reviewed continuously the students are afraid of anything which leads to misconduct in the class. As the class is being recorded with the help of the camera the students are avoided misbehaving in the class during the lecture and if there is any action recorded that is being promoted to dangerous activity soon the action is taken on such activity. the student being watched continuously will make the student not do things in the class.

Hold Teachers Accountable:

There are many cases in which the student blames the teacher for behaving with them and the innocent teachers would not show any proof to the administration as they dont have any footage but if there is a camera in the class then the teachers video can be seen and the teacher could save themself and could be safe by ruining their career.

Feel Safe:

The student and the staff will feel safe in the institution as they know that they are being watched by cameras and if any dangerous activity occurs they all are going to be alarmed firstly by the use of the camera.

What are the Disadvantages of Cameras in Classrooms

The following are some disadvantages of cameras in the classroom:

Lack of Privacy:

It is safe to be watched on camera during classes but the student may lack privacy sometimes as many situations occur during the class. and also the student knows they are being watched whenever they are focusing on the class which will not be what you wanted.

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Stagnant Growth:

As the money spent on buying the cameras and setting them up could not be sometimes worth it as the administration could spend this money on the student study resources for improving it better. The camera facilities can be afforded easily by high-paid colleges and the university.

For more such education-related articles, you may also glance through, How many hours should a College student work

Mistrust issue:

As the students and the teachers are being watched continuously during the classes which will create a trust issue in them, as they will think that the institution doesnt trust the professor in teaching the student.

Bad behavior:

Some students in the class dont care about the punishment and they may damage the expensive cameras in the class with their bad behavior.


If the administration wants to have the camera it consists of the quality of voice recording and video clarity so that when the student wants to see the lecture they may be able to hear the lecture properly and also make notes of the lecture. For this, the institution needs to have a high-quality camera which costs high not only for buying the camera but also needs to be maintained properly.


Some colleges have cameras in their classes and usually use the camera to record the class lecture so that, if the student does not get clear about the lecture at one time, they can see the recorded classes and can learn. With the camera, the student cannot do any bad actions in the class which may break the learning environment of the class.

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Why are there no cameras in the classroom

Firstly the cameras are highly expensive and they also need to be maintained properly. Secondly, most of the cases dont occur in the classroom they do occur in halls, playgrounds, stairs, etc.

What percentage of schools use cameras

According to the latest survey, the use of cameras in primary schools is approx 77.9%, in middle schools is approx 91.5%and the high school consists of 93.6%.

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