Calculate the ph of a saturated solution of strychnine (16 mg/100ml). [Solved]

Calculate the ph of a saturated answer of strychnine (16 mg/100ml).

The Preliminary focus of strychnine which has a chemical
formulation of C21H22N2O2, will be discovered from the mass of the strychnine, the molar
mass, and the quantity of the answer. [C21H22N2O2 ] preliminary = (mass of strychnine / molar mass of strychnine)
/ quantity of answer = (0.016 g / 334.418 g/mol) / (0.100 L) = (4.78 x 10-5 mol) / (0.100 L) = 4.8 x 10-4 mol/L [C21H22N2O2 ] preliminary = 9.46

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