como se dice: trajeron o trayeron [Solved]

In Spanish, there are a few words that can be used to describe how something was transported. Trajeron means they brought, while trayeron means they hauled. Whenever youre trying to figure out the exact word for a transportation method, using these two expressions will help you get the right one.

What does traer mean

Traer can mean to bring, to haul, or to transport.

What does trayero mean

The word trayero is derived from the Spanish word traer which means to bring. This term is commonly used in the Caribbean to describe how something was transported. For example, if someone says that they trajeron un regalo, they mean that they brought a present.

How do you say trajeron in Spanish

Trayeron is the past tense of traer. To say they brought you would use trajeron. To say they hauled you would use trayeron.

How do you say trayero in Spanish

The Spanish word for trayero is traeron.


How do you say they brought or they hauled

The most common way to say they brought or they hauled is trajeron or trayeron.

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