Could the separation in this experiment have been done in a different order For example, if the mixture were [Solved]

Source(s): PhD Chemist

Source(s): PhD Chemist

SiO2 is the solid mass insoluble part dried
NaCl will be the solid mass remaining after heating the liquid phase. The NH4Cl would decompose into two gases and disappear thereby leaving the NaCl on its own.
NH4Cl can be calculated by subtracting the remaining NaCl water lost from the original aqueous extraction solution mass.

You could do it in a different way. Boiling to dryness first will release the NH4Cl (determine by mass difference again). Then do an aqueous extraction followed by filtration of the insoluble solids, again followed by removal of water. You would get the same kind of separation, just not quite as efficient in my mind.

Hope this helps.

You would be able to tell the original amounts of each.

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