Determine the H3O concentration of a 0.220 M solution of formic acid. [Solved]

I really feel like I am simply overlooking one thing easy.

Ka = 1.8 x 10^-4 = x^2 / 0.220-x
x = [H3O ] = 0.00629 M

Formic acid wouldnt dissociate completely, its dissociation is sqrt((one million.8*10^-4)/0.15)*100%, which equals to three,40 six% and that is far much less that 5%, with a view to take the focus of acid after dissociation as 0,15 too, cuz it dissociates pretty. So Ka=x^2/c , x=sqrt(Ka*c), ph=-log(x), ph=2.3 . reply is B

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