Does WileyPLUS detect cheating Cheating online classes [Solved]

Does WileyPLUS detect cheating Wileyplus helps to create a digital textbook by combining the materials and is also used for taking the test and practicing the problem related to the chapter. Does WileyPLUS detect Cheating if a student is cheating in an online class let us find out.

Wileyplus is a software that allows the instructor to teach and the students to learn by maintaining the integrity of the exam and education environment. Wileyplus helps to create a digital textbook that is used by the instructor to teach the student online by combining the materials and is also used for taking the test and practicing the problem related to the chapter.

Does Wileyplus detect cheating

Yes, Wileyplus can detect cheating during the online exam or if the student is given any quiz. If a student tries to cheat during the online exam while using Wileyplus firstly it will notify you not to do so further if the student does the step it will block the user or kick them out of the exam site automatically. Wileyplus can detect if the student opens another tab of the browser during the time of the online test.

Wileyplus can see when you cheat

As Wileyplus is not built-in software with a microphone and webcam. So it is not possible to see you during the exam when the student or the user is cheating. that makes the student cheat in exams easily as it cant record the eye movement, any body movement, and the surrounding environment in which the student is giving the test. Also, Wileyplus is not able to detect cheating if instead of the student someone else comes to give the paper it lacks this technology of face identification.

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Does Wileyplus detect cheating when copying and pasting

If Wileyplus is not used with any proctoring software and if the student is copying and pasting the text from the chrome tab to another tab it cannot be detected as cheating. if the proctoring software is used with Wileyplus the student will be restricted to the use of some activities of the keyboard and the mouse. Also, the user cannot highlight the text and copy and paste the text.

Can Wileyplus record the screen

No Wileyplus is not able to record the screen during the online exam. Due to this, the student can cheat in the exam easily without detecting cheating. If the proctoring software is connected with Wileyplus then it can record the screen during the online exam.

Can Wileyplus be able to detect other tabs

Yes, Wileyplus can detect other tabs while opening during the online exam. If the students try to cheat by opening another tab Wileyplus will flag it as cheating. as the student will not be able to open Wileyplus in more than one browser at a time of giving the online exam.dont try to open any new browser while attempting a test. By doing this Wileyplus will kick you out of the test and you will not be able to give the test will block the student or user.

How can we cheat Wileyplus during exams

  • The student can cheat Wileyplus during the exam by screen sharing in such a way on one screen you can give the exam and on the other screen, you can look for the answer. Making the other person sit on the other screen will make it easy to cheat during the exam
  • The student can also use technology such as Bluetooth devices or a kind of calculator that is used to store the information related to the exam that can be used by the student during the examination.
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  • The student can also use the pieces of paper in which the student has made the notes that are used in the online exam or the student can write the answer on the hand and answer the question by looking at the notes easily.
  • The student can also hire an expert to sit the exam instead of him/her. the expert needs to just provide the password that is provided by the instructor to get access to the exam

Steps professors can take to prevent cheating

  • To prevent cheating in the online exam the administration can secure the browser so that the student activities are controlled during the online exam.
  • The administration can also instruct the student to install the software that will prevent the students internet activities.
  • If the student is being monitored during the online exam using the camera that can allow the instructor to keep a record of all the physical activities of the student and online activities.
  • The student should ask to give the exam only with the computer that has a webcam and the microphone that enables to monitor the student during the entire online exam.

Is Wileyplus free to use

The Wileyplus software can be used by the administration or the students for a 14-day free trial. After the completion of the 14 days trial you cant have access to the software. The number of days left is being notified at the bottom of the app. If further, you want to use the software it is needed to buy at least $800 the software.

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Wileyplus can detect cheating but not all the possibilities. The student can easily cheat in exams during the online session. By opening different tabs, screen sharing, and many more. but if Wileyplus is used with the proctoring software the student is not able to cheat during the exam as it maintains the integrity of the exam environment.

This post is last updated on at Date : 1st of September – 2022