Every excess becomes a vice what does this mean [Solved]

it was my daily fortune on facebook lol

There is a line between a hobby and a vice. If a thing is just an interest, it is a hobby. If you think about it
to the point of excess or become obsessive about it, then it has become a vice which is not good for you.

Vice is defined as personal failing..flawedimperfect, weaknessor an undesireable habit. It means that we should use moderation in all things. If we allow things to be accessive in our lives, first of all, they lose their speciality. Secondly, we spend too much time in pursuit of them and miss out on other important and pleasurable things in life. Thirdly, many things in excess simply arent good for usalcohol, food, etc. Even something as perfect as love, when it becomes excessive, smothers the recipient and and loses its good qualities. So, all things in moderationexcess become vice.

It means that if you do anything too much, it will become harmful.

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