Find the volume of the composite space figure to the nearest whole number. [Solved]

This can be divided into a rectangular prism of dimensions 5 mm wide 11 mm deep 6 mm high, topped with a half-cylinder of 5 mm diameter and 11 mm height. The volume of the prism is
5 mm * 11 mm * 6 mm, or 330 mm
The volume of the half-cylinder is
= (d/2)h/2
= dh/8
= * (5 mm) * 11 mm / 8
= 275 / 8 mm
108.0 mm
for a total of 438.0 mm

the half circle has rdius = 2.5 mm so volume is area*length
area of circle=pi*r^2 so we have area=pi*(2.5)^2 and thus volume=pi*(2.5)^2*11=215.984 now divide by 2 to get 108 this is volume of top part

volume of bottom part, the rectangular box, is volume=length*width*height so we have

add the two voumes together to get 330 108 (rounded) and you get volume=438mm^3

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