Full Cafetalk review Is Cafetalk worth it [Solved]

After starting the teaching lessons to the student, the teacher has to then control the schedule for their teaching, what are their payment references, and the other column which is present on the tutor dashboard.

Full Cafetalk review:

The average rating given to the Calftalk page is 3.2 out of 5 and of which 64% are their friends. The following are some positive and negative highlights:


  • The interview taken for the teachers is easy.
  • The platform is designed in a way that is easy to use by all.
  • The teachers are free to set their own time for reaching.
  • The teachers are free to decide the topic for teaching by creating their teaching materials.
  • The teachers inputs are listened to by the company and are responsive.
  • The students joining the Cafetalk for learning lessons are polite and friendly and the student is dedicated to their learning.


  • When it comes to attracting new students there Cafetalk lacks.
  • Initially, the company retains up to 40% of the commission.
  • There is no training session for the teachers.

Is Cafetalk Worth it

The teacher who has some experience in teaching can easily teach the student as its an online teaching platform that mainly teaches the student English as mostly the students are from Japan. As the teachers can teach what they want to teach, the rating is given by the student. It helps in forming a relationship between teachers and the students.

What is the requirement for Cafetalk

The following are some requirement which is used to run Cafetalk:

  1. Cafetalk can quickly run on smartphones or laptops which consist of a strong internet connection.
  2. The user who wants to learn needs to download skype which can be used for free voice and video calling and allows the user to learn the lesson from all over the world.
  3. The following are some browsers on which Cafetalk works:
  • Firefox 2.0
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari 2.0
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What is the requirement to work in Cafetalk

The following are some requirement which is needed to work in Cafetalk:

  1. The teacher who wants to work in Cafetalk must qualify as a native speaker.
  2. Also, they need to have a bachelors degree and not be students who are still in college.
  3. The teacher needs to download skype on the pc or mobile phone and Cafetalk can work on a browser like a firefox, google chrome, safari 2.0
  4. A strong internet connection is needed to run Cafetalk with downloading speed of 8 Mbps and a speed of 3 Mbps for uploading the content.

What is the process of application and interview

The following are some steps needed for the application process:

  1. First, the user has to create an account.
  2. The person needs to fill in the information and all the teaching interests.
  3. One the user needs to give an interview for working in the Cafetalk.
  4. When the user passes the difference and then they can start teaching the students.

After starting the teaching lessons to the student, the teacher has to then control the schedule for their teaching, what are their payment references, and the other column which is present on the tutor dashboard.

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What are the cons and pros of Cafetalk


  • Cafetalk is a simple application that can be used easily by everyone.
  • The teacher can teach the student without any limitation for the range of the subject, having no limit for languages.
  • Here the teachers can decide their schedule for teaching the students and the topic range is also decided by them only.
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  • The teachers who do take classes their pay is low as Cafetalk retaining 15-40%.
  • Cafetalk gives points as earnings then these points are converted.
  • At the start of the lesson or classes, its difficult to attract the student to join the Cafetalk for learning lessons.
  • Most of the students are adult students and the number of children is small.

How much can you earn on Cafetalk

Being a teacher in Cafetalk they decide their salary by themself. On average as per classes, they are charged $8-$36 per hour. But the teacher gets a salary less than this due to the complicated commission system. The teacher who works in Cafetalk gets the lowest percentage up to 60% after retaining done by Cafetalk and if the assured rate increases or variable rate increases then there is a chance of increasing the salary of the teachers. And the maximum percentage that Cafetalk takes is about 85%.

How much are the working hours in the Cafetalk

Here the teachers are free to decide their schedule for teaching lessons and no minimum hours are working compulsory. As here most of the students are from Japan so the chances of increase in the booking are the evening time. Cafetalk teachers are free to decide the lesson length on average it ranges between 15-120 minutes or 25-30 minutes. There is the availability of free trial lessons with a time between 10-20 minutes.


Cafetalk provides the student with the learning about various topics and the teachers are free to decide the timing of the class and free to decide the topic to be taught. The salary is decided by the teachers and it may increase by a good rating given by the student in the class.

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Is Cafetalk good

Cafetalk provides the teacher with a great platform for teaching with some experience and they only have to decide their topic and time of teaching.

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