Full Egg School review Is Egg School worth it [Solved]

This article provides a full Egg School review. Egg School is an online English teaching company whose headquarters is in South Korea. The company was started as a new startup in March 2021 where they consist of 40 teachers. Egg School English classes are held between one one one with the Korean alimentary student whose age group is between 5 to 12 years. This article will guide you about egg School review.

Egg School review

The company was started in 2021 as a new online company teaching English as a second language in South Korea. There are not many reviews on this company. The egg school pays the native speaker teacher around $16-18 per hour for teaching one on one classes. Here the student can cancel the class any time just before the lesson.

Is Egg School worth it

The Egg School pays the teacher as being one of the highest companies outside china which is why it is considered worth it. The company offers the teachers a fair cancellation policy. The teacher needs to have a degree Or a diploma certificate to get into Egg School. The egg school organizes one on one classes for the student. There is no minimum hour of work required.

What are the pros and cons of Egg School


  • The teachers are given a high rate of pay.
  • The company doesnt overhire the teacher and maintain the class environment.
  • The application process is completed in simple 3 steps in which there is no interview process.
  • The cancellation of a class is allowed but it should be done before the exam and it doesnt cause any penalty.
  • The teachers are provided with lesson material for teaching the student.
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  • If the student cancels the class the teacher is not paid for it and the company doesnt arrange any other class for filling the gap.
  • The company doesnt hire teachers constantly so the submitted application for review takes time.
  • The company makes the student write the feedback after the class.

What is the pay given by Egg School

The Egg School pays the teachers with the base rate of $8 per 25-minute class. But if the teachers consist of a masters degree Or TEFL certificate will get $0.50 extra for each certification and qualification. If any teacher cancels the class and another teacher picks the class within the short notice they also get extra earnings on it of $2.The teacher is accepted and firstly accepts to take the class on short notice. The bonus is also given to the teacher who teaches more than 40 classes in a month.

What are the working hours of Egg School

The working hours of Egg School are from 1-9 pm according to the Korean standard time which is done from Monday to Friday but on Saturday it is conducted from 9 am-3 pm. There is no work done on Sunday. the teacher is not instructed for any minimum hour working. The student can cancel the class at any time before the class is conducted but the teachers have to give advance notice before 24 hours which causes no penalty to the teacher.

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What are the Egg School requirements

The following are some requirements for applying to egg school:

  1. The teacher should have a neutral accent in the English language and should be a native English speaker.
  2. The teacher needs to have a bachelors degree in any subject.
  3. The teacher should be passionate about educating the student and a self-motivated person.

What are the technical requirements for Egg School

The following are the technical requirements for Egg School:

  • The user needs to have a high-speed internet connection of 25 Mbps for learning the lessons.
  • Should contain the google chrome browser on the pc Or laptop.
  • Should contain an integrated webcam.
  • Should contain an HD microphone to be audible to the student.
  • Every class needs to be recorded.
  • The class should contain white light that brightens up the room and the teacher is visible to the student properly.
  • The tutor should organize the class in a quiet, private room without causing background distractions during the online class.

What is the application process for Egg School

The following is the application process for applying as an egg School teacher:

  • The person who wants to apply as an egg school teacher must visit the website.
  • Click join to create an account by writing the email address or Google account.
  • Submit the application form and the video which is showing the introduction part.
  • The teacher needs to record the mock test and then after the mock test is done then Submit it to the website.
  • After the teacher has read the contract then submit it to the support with supporting documents.
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The following details are asked in submitting the application form:

  • First name and last name.
  • Email address
  • nationality
  • time zone
  • phone number
  • the highest level of education certification of teaching if the person has.
  • teaching experience if the person has.
  • uploads a self-introduction video.


As this is a newly set up company, the cancellation of the class by students is unpaid even at a short notice which makes the booking great around 50%. The pay given to the teacher is around 16 to 18. The teacher should be a native English speaker. A degree and diploma certificate is also required for applying as a teacher in Egg School. There is no specification given for minimum working hours.


What is Egg education

It is online education that is given to children of age 5-12. They help the student by providing valuable education that will help them in obtaining career opportunities.

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