Full English ninjas review Is English ninjas Worth it [Solved]

This article provides a full English Ninjas Review. The English Ninjas is an online English teaching company that is based in the USA. The company claim that they have taught 400000 students across the world. As the company is a decent company that makes teachers choose their work time on their own. This article will guide you about the English Ninjas reviews and the detailed process of hiring and application.

English ninjas review

The average rating given to the English Ninjas is about 2.8 out of 5 of which 40% of the reviews are given by their recommended friends. There are some positive reviews about the company such as the nature of the student is good, it does have a user-friendly interface which is easily used by the teachers and the students. The negative reviews about the company are such as pay cuts, less booking of class.

Is English ninjas Worth it

The company doesnt provide the assurance that the salary of the teacher will be given on time and will be full. Here the teacher may have to compensate with the salary as per the hard work they do. as the teachers have to get the salary that satisfies their financial condition.

What are the pros and cons of English ninjas

The following are some pros and cons of English Ninjas:


  • The company provides the teachers with a flexible schedule of working hours.
  • The TEFL certificate is not mandatory but is preferred more during the process of the application.
  • Having a good teaching experience and fluency in English speaking then non-native speakers are also accepted.
  • The teachers have to teach the group of both child and adult students.
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  • The teacher of the company gets low pay and this is a track record of not getting the salary full.
  • The teachers are also not paid on time.
  • If there is a technical issue the company lacks in providing support from the team.

What are the general requirements for English ninjas

Mostly the English ninjas hire a teacher who is a native speaker but if the teacher has a good teaching experience with good qualifications they do hire non-native speakers. The TEFL certificate is beneficial in the application process but it is not mandatorily needed. The teacher needs to have a degree or diploma and also can the student study for the degree.

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What are the technical requirements for English ninjas

The user who wants to use the English Ninjas needs to have the following technical support:

  1. The google chrome browser.
  2. Should have a high speed of internet at least speed of 4mbps.

What is the application process for English ninjas

For starting the application process the teacher needs to first register their id by their name, email address, password, and mobile no. after completing the form filling details the user needs to record a video as a demo of a maximum of 3 minutes which will show the teaching skill in the candidate and the candidate needs to verify the internet speed of the connection. The candidate should check whether all the additional connections are working properly or not such as the microphone and camera. After the candidate submits the video they will receive an email explaining if they are being selected for further verifications.

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How the English ninjas teaching is done

The teacher takes the class one-on-one by the use of the English Ninjas app. The teachers are free to decide when they want to conduct the class and for how many hours they want to work. and the class is being available 24/7. As if the adult student has any queries regarding the class they can have a conversational class and get help with the language problem.

What is an English ninjas kids program

The English ninjas kids last for 30 minutes. The age for the children is between 4-13 years. They do help the student in the repetition of the class and focus on the verbal practice more than grammatical errors.

What is pay given by the English ninjas

The teacher is being paid at an average of $6-$7 per hour. The company has to pay the tutors within the first 5 days of each month. There are many issues of getting the salary cut due to which the teachers have to experience many problems. The company cuts the salary if the teacher is not available at the scheduled time or if the teacher is misusing the scheduled time.


As the teacher only faces the problem with the deduction of the salary overall the company has good reviews. The company accepts both native and non-native speakers but the non-native speaker needs to have a good qualification in order to get selected in the application process. the candidate needs to have a bachelors degree or the candidate is still studying. The company doesnt pressure the teacher by giving them a fixed time for work and no minimum hours for work.

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