Full helloKid review Is helloKid Worth it [Solved]

This article provides a full HelloKid Review. HelloKid is an online Chinese company. HelloKid is a company that was founded in 2014.

Hellokid review

The average rent given to the Hall Of It is 2.9 out of 5 which one person of the reviews is done by their recommended friends. Some positive reviews about HelloKid are as. HelloKid is a platform that is highly interactive and flexible for students and for a teacher. And a negative review about the company is that the computers do not provide an incentive and if the teacher is not able to conduct the class or they are late then the page is deducted.

Is hellokid Worth it

In case of the worth it condition we cannot recommend to a teacher a company home page low rate to the teachers and when compared to the other company the salary is low. The company contract is very scripted and it is flexible in case of minimum hours of working and the penalties.

What are the pros and cons of hellokid

The following are some pros and cons of HelloKid:


  • No compulsion to have a bachelors degree.
  • The classes are being conducted in one to one as group classes are not preferred by the teachers. The hellokid has an interactive teaching platform which is good for the Teachers.

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  • The company offers teachers low pay, especially for native speakers.
  • The teacher had to pay extra charges in order to receive the salary.
  • The booking rate in hello kid is not regular.
  • The schedule of the classes is not fixed; they may be classes held on weekend hours sometimes.
  • The teacher has to work from a fixed address, they cannot travel constantly
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What is the salary or pay given to the tutor by hellokid

HelloKid mostly paid the teacher on average $15. The native speakers are also paid approximately $15. Most of the teachers get paid between 9 to 10 per hour. Every teacher completes their job in 6 months. They can apply for a pay rise if the company except for the pair eyes then they will get an extra $1 paid per hour. HelloKid used to pay their teachers on the 15th of the next month mostly by way of paypal.

What is the contract of hellokid

Mostly the HelloKid signs a contract of one year that is renewed every year until the following exceptions are met by the teachers or the company.

  • If the teacher gets a low booking rate then they may want to live the job.
  • If the teacher faces the problem of too many attitudes.
  • If the company notices that the tutor is constantly on leave.

The following are the reasons why the contract can be terminated by hello kid.

  • If the teacher is not able to conduct enough classes as per the booking.
  • If a Teacher experiences a network problem more than three times within a week then they may be terminated.
  • The teacher takes a leave for more than two weeks without informing or giving notification about it.

What are the penalties and cancellation of hellokid

Hellokid charges a number of penalties on the teacher for the following reason.

  1. If a Teacher gives some excuse for the cancellation of the class such as power shortage system work hospitalization the teacher needs to give at least 4-hour notice if they do not give the notice then $3 is penalized per missed class.
  2. For unexcused cancellations such as traffic, personal problem, or legal proceeding extra here the hellokid will be penalized $ 7 or $10.
  3. If a Teacher cancels the class without any reason, there will be a deduction of $15.
  4. If the teacher starts the class late and the class early then also the penalty of $2 is being charged for being late over 10 minutes.
  5. If the teacher is not able to submit the review within 24 hours of completing the class then the hello kit will not give any payment for that lesson.
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What are the requirements for hellokid

There is no need for a bachelors degree for HelloKid hello kit except for both native and nonspeakers for the application. A candidate needs to have a TEFL certificate and a certificate showing the experience of teaching English to the student.

What are the technical requirements for hellokid

The candidate who wants to have a job in HelloKid needs to have the following requirements.

  • They must have a fast and high-speed internet connection of at least 30 mbps for download and 3 MBPS for upload.
  • a computer is needed for working with an Intel core i5 processor.
  • They must have a microphone and a good quality HD camera.


The candidate who is applying for hellokid needs to have a demo class for 20 minutes but while teaching regular classes they last for 25 minutes. Done between 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.the tutor needs to be available for a minimum of 12 hours a week.

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