Full Hoot Reading review Is Hoot Reading worth it [Solved]

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What is Hoot Reading

As the name suggests this platform helps students who are facing issues in reading. It hires native speakers from two countries, the US and Canada. The tutors on this platform teach students by various methods like phonemic awareness, decoding, etc. The students found here are generally between the age group of 4 to 6 years. You will find books on their platform to practice.

For more such education-related articles, you may also refer to, Full All Right English review Is All Right English worth it

Hoot Reading review Is using the Hoot reading platform worth it

Hoot reading helps your shield to develop critical thinking skills along with increasing their confidence. Your child will get one-on-one classes to get more attention from your tutor. The curriculum is designed in such a manner that helps to keep engaged in learning.

For more such education-related articles, you may also refer to, Full All Right English review Is All Right English worth it

As a tutor also, you will find this platform worth it. The minimum pay rate they offer is good. There is no commission taken by the platform as well. Also, you do not need any certification to become a tutor on it. However, you must have at least one year of experience working with children.

Benefits of using Hoot reading

  • Your child will get more confidence in reading than before.
  • The pay rate is well when compared to other ESL platforms.
  • You can earn bonuses by performing different activities.
  • Unlike other platforms, you do not need to have related certifications.
  • You get paid training for teaching on this platform.
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Drawbacks of using Hoot reading

  • To become a tutor on this platform, you need to have at least 2 years of experience in teaching.
  • A minimum of 12 hours is necessary to give in a week to get the payment.
  • There are very low bookings for the classes.
  • Right now there is very less hiring of tutors.

Is Hoot reading a legit platform

Hoot reading is a platform that is legit to use. It was established in 2018. There have been positive reviews by the previous teachers. Also, the privacy policy helps to secure the data on its platform. Your private information is not shared with any third person. Trustpoint also gives it a 4.7 out of 5 and glassdoor gives it a 4.6 rating.

How much does Hoot reading pay you

Hoot reading is a platform that offers you a pay rate between $18-$20. Your pay rate will depend on your experience and communication skills. If a student books your class and does not take it, you still get its charges. The platform will pay you twice a month via direct deposit or another merchant. There are chances that you start getting bonuses as well. You can get a bonus by receiving feedback or referring tutors on the platform.

Requirements for becoming a tutor on Hoot Reading

Following are the requirements to become a tutor on Hoot reading-

  • You must be a resident of a native English-speaking country including the US or Canada.
  • There should be a degree in education.
  • You must have more than 2 years of experience. However, originally it was a 1-year experience.
  • You must have excellent communication skills. This means that you can speak English very efficiently and properly.
  • Although you must be available to give more than 12 hours a week, they prefer tutors who can give more than 25 hours in a week.
  • You have a computer, laptop, and a working web camera and microphone. There should be high internet connectivity as well.
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How to become a tutor on this platform

Though becoming a tutor may be similar to other online tutoring platforms, the only problem is they hire tutors based on the demand of students. If there is less demand, they may stop hiring teachers. To become a tutor follow these simple steps-

  • Visit the career page on their official website. You can apply for the jobs from this page.
  • An application form will come on your screen. You will need to fill in the details they are asking for. Along with the personal details you need to answer some extra questions.
  • When you apply you will get a phonic interview with them. In it, you may be asked about the information you submitted and your teaching strategies.
  • Once done the next stage will be when you need to give a demo to the interviewer. You will show them your teaching techniques and show how you get to engage with the students.
  • When done, wait for their response. They usually respond within 24 hours.
  • If you are selected you need to have a paid training program.


Hoot reading is an online reading platform that helps students in the age group of 4-6 years to connect with tutors to boost their reading experience. Also if you want to become a tutor you need to have experience of more than 2 years. Also, you need to give 15 hours in a week. Another thing that you should remember is that they may stop hiring due to less demand from the students.

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