Full italki review Is italki worth it [Solved]

This article provides a full italki review. Italki headquarters is in Hong Kong. It connects the teachers and the tutors one through one by video chat. Its an online learning platform where the student is the language learner and they are connected by video chat to the teachers. The teacher does get money for teaching the students. This article will give you a full review of italki.

Full italki review:

Italki is one of the largest online learning platforms in which there are about 5 million adult and child students. The average rating given to the italki page is 4.3 out of 5 of which about 84% are recommended to be their friend. The following are some positive and negative points for italki.


  • Italki is a quick application process.
  • The interface of italki is user-friendly and good.
  • Italki doesnt have any commission on trails.
  • The italki lets the students learn on the online learning platform from all over the world.
  • The teachers are independent in scheduling their classes.
  • The teachers are free to teach what they want to teach.


  • There is a big drawback for irregularity of bookings in italki.
  • There is a 15% charge as a commission rate.
  • Italki has a slow process of the payment system.

Is italki Worth it

Italki is one of the most accessible online learning language platforms where teachers and students interact with each other through video chat. I talk to a professional teacher who has experience in teaching the language. The following are the main features of Italki included in the teaching model are:

  • It gives the ability for the student to choose the tutor or teacher from which they want to learn. As Italki has thousands of different tutors and teachers
  • It provides the student to learn the lesson through direct interaction through a video chat with the tutor and provides a personalized and interactive experience with the tutor
  • Here the teachers or tutors are given pay per lesson not per month or for completing the full course this makes italki different from other online learning applications.
  • The student can book the class session according to their budget and at what time they want to learn the lesson.
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How to become a tutor on italki

The following are the steps for becoming a tutor on italki:

Personal details:

Basic information to be filled in such as:

  • Name
  • Preferred chat
  • From(Which country or city do they belong to)
  • Living in( at present where do they live)

The private part of the introduction includes:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Address

The person about language skills they have:

  • Language ( what are the languages they know to talk and write.)
  • Levels
  • Profile photo details to be uploaded:
  • At least size of 500*500 pixels.
  • Format for the photo uploading JPG, PNG, BMP.
  • The maximum size of the photo to be uploaded of 2MB

Italki teaching profile:

  • Teaching language.
  • Introduction as video recording.
  • Teacher introduction :
  • About me in approx 700 words
  1. The lessons they teach and teaching style in approx 700 words.
  2. The teaching material they are going to provide.
  3. Professional teaching background.
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Certificate

What is a professional teacher on italki

A professional teacher has the same requirement as a community tutor. But the professional teacher needs to have some certificate and need to be experienced in teaching a language. All these certificates are to be scanned before joining and the plus point for professional teachers is that they are being paid more than the community tutors.

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What is a community tutor on italki

A community tutor should know the language by at least 18 years of age. In the general community, tutors earn less when compared to professional teachers. But with time, if the community tutor needs all the criteria on italki then they will be upgraded in the earning of community tutor.

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What language does italki have

Italki enables the student by tutoring the lesson in 150 languages. This bowling is some of the most popular languages that italki consist:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • German

What are the pros and cons of italki


  • It does not include any commission fee for providing the student with trial lessons
  • The application of italki is short and simple which is operable by the community to the also.
  • The teachers are provided with different video platforms for teaching.
  • Italki is one of the largest platforms for online teaching.


  • As mentioned, there is no Commission feel but still, we have the teachers have to give a Commission fee of 15%
  • Italki has a restrictive cancellation policy.
  • Italki has a drawback of irregular bookings.
  • For joining there is a lot of teacher competition.
  • As the teachers are not provided with any lesson material so they have to prepare their own lesson materials.

What is the cancelation policy of italki

Its a tutor or a student wants to cancel or we should do the lesson they need to inform about it at least 24 hours in advance they cant inform just a few minutes ago the class if the request is accepted from the other side then only the class will be rescheduled for them otherwise it continues on the same schedule when it was going to happen.

Do you need to have a degree to teach on italki

If you want to join as a community teacher then there is no need for any degree or other specification qualification to teach on italki. But if you want to join as a professional teacher there is a need to demonstrate the experience of your language by submitting the scan photo of your certificate during the process of application submission.

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It is one of the best online learning applications as it provides the student with a professional teacher who has certain experience in language instruction. and the tutor is given pay by the student as per completing the lesson not as per monthly fee.


Can you become fluent in italki

Yes, a student can become fluent in a new language if the student wants to learn the language with dedication as Italki provides so many teachers and native speakers and the student can learn new skills and also practice through conversation with native speakers.

Is Italki expensive

Here the teacher chooses the price but themself and the minimum price is from $4 and goes up to the maximum price of $80. Mostly the classes cost for the student is between $10 to $20.

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