Full myTutor review Is myTutor Worth it [Solved]

If a student does not attend the classroom, then you will still get the pay for that class, although you need to present for that particular hour. You can even get a bonus income by referring it to your friends. You can earn up to 10 for each successful referral.

What is MyTutor

MyTutor is a website founded in the UK in 2013, that provides several online tutoring services for a variety of courses. It operates by employing student tutors from the best institutions in the nation. Its goal is to serve as both a high-quality educational service and a means for students to earn money while attending college.

You will get a lot of other features including an interactive classroom with a whiteboard for demonstrations. There is an option to meet tutors via video conference for free before you hire them for lessons. As far as getting hired is concerned, only one in eight candidates receives a job offer from MyTutor. It ensures that all of its tutors are selected from Ivy League institutions.

Benefits of MyTutor

  • There is no need for teaching experience.
  • It has a lot of previous good reviews.
  • There are multiple types of booking on the platform.
  • The pay rate is also good.
  • There is no strict cancellation policy on this platform. If you cancel the class within 24 hours you will need to reschedule it.

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Drawbacks of teaching at MyTutor

  • There are some specific 60 universities from which they select tutors.
  • You will only get 58% of the total pay rate.
  • Being a new tutor, you will get very few classes starting.
  • There must be a DBS check to get the payment.
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myTutor review Is MyTutor worth it

MyTutorisarespectableand long-standingplatform that offers important connections to different school tutoring programs. Despitethis,theystillseemto have more tutors than the booking of the students. Also, different reviews show it might be hard for getting students. Thelowerpayrateisslightly more than the minimum wage in the UK. There is no extra income for preparation time. Although MyTutor isunlikely to bea full-time source ofincome. You would consider it in your list of Backup choices for online teaching.

Is MyTutor legit

Yes, MyTutor is a legit platform to use. It can be seen by the funding they have to raise around 38.9 million. They have been working within the partnership of the National Tuition Programme and The Education Endowment Foundation. Also a very popular platform Trustpilot gives you a rating of 4.7 out of 5. This platform is not only used by the students but also by more than 100 schools. As far as the safety issue is concerned, the platform secures its data with the use of Sage Pay, Click CEOP, and Cyber Essentials.

How much MyTutor can pay you

MyTutor pays you according to the service you are giving. It will be different if you are giving private teaching classes than if the student is using it as a school program. The pay rate that the platform offers varies in the range of 10 24 but after the VAT deduction and the companys commission. This means that the tutors pay rate is around 18 36.

If a student does not attend the classroom, then you will still get the pay for that class, although you need to present for that particular hour. You can even get a bonus income by referring it to your friends. You can earn up to 10 for each successful referral.

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Requirements for becoming a tutor on MyTutor

  • You must be a current or a recent pass out from the top 60 universities.
  • There must be A grades in the subjects you have chosen.
  • You must be legal to work in the UK.
  • Working laptop/PC with a good quality HD camera and microphone installed in Headphones.
  • There must be a downloaded google chrome on your laptop.

How to become a tutor on the MyTutor platform

To become a tutor on this platform you need to follow the steps given below-

  • Start by applying on their official web page. You will need to sign up on their platform and apply on their website. Although if there are no vacancies available at the movement you will be redirected toward their official webpage.
  • The next step is to fill out all the essential information asked in the application form. You may need to add the basic details along with your resume as well as your CV.
  • It may take up to 5 business days to get a reply from them.
  • If your application is approved, you will need to go through the live interview on the platform. The interview that takes place is 10 -15 minutes.
  • In that interview, you can find yourself in a situation where you may need to give answers to the questions based on your background or your teaching style.
  • Once done you will get an email with the response if you are selected or not.


MyTutor is a reputable platform that provides connections to various tutoring programs at schools. Despite this, they still appear to have more tutors than pupils booked. Additionally, several reports indicate that it can be challenging to recruit students. The lower pay rate is just a little bit more than the UK minimum wage. There is no additional money for preparation time. It is unlikely that MyTutor will serve as a full-time source of revenue. Still, it must be on your list for teaching online opportunities.

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