Full Online Kids Academy review Is Online Kids Academy worth it [Solved]

This article provides a full Online Kids Academy review. The online kids Academy is a startup company that is based in Turkey. So automatically most of the students are from Turkey and the surrounding country and have ages between 3 to 15 years. The company claims that they have over 500 certified American teachers. This article will guide you about online kid Academy reviews.

Online Kids Academy review

As the company is new company and smaller so there are not many reviews on the company. But the following are some positive and negative reviews found on the Facebook group of online kids Academy:


  • The company has good booking rates.
  • The working hours are daytime hours for teachers in North America, Europe, and Africa.
  • There is no regular return feedback asked by the company.

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  • The company provides late payments due to their transfer system.
  • The company has poor Communication as they dont use Skype.
  • if there is a teacher ill or a real-life emergency happens the company lacks sympathy regarding that teacher.

Is Online Kids Academy Worth it

As the company offers the teacher less pay this means it is less profitable for the Teachers who are doing this as a primary job. As the company has students who are non-Asian and have daytime, it is worth considering if the teacher is based in Europe, Africa, and North America.

What are the pros and cons of an Online Kids Academy


  • The company hires both candidates if it is native and non-native English speakers.
  • The teacher who is a Filipino is given good pay.
  • A teacher who has good qualifications does not need to give a demo class.
  • As the company offers teachers who are from North America, Europe, and Africa a daytime hour of work which is a complement to the Asian job later in the day.
  • The company has a good booking rate for teachers.
  • The company doesnt ask for written feedback for each class; generally, they ask it once a month.
  • The lesson materials are also provided by the company.
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  • The pay given to native English speakers is relatively low.
  • The teacher needs to have to experience in online teaching English as a secondary language. The teacher who is a beginner cannot apply for the job as no training is provided by the company.
  • In the case of hiring the company takes a week to complete an application process.
  • The company has poor communication with the teacher due to the lack of a system.
  • Sometimes there is a technical issue that makes an error that the teacher is not able to hear the student.

What is the salary provided by Online Kids Academy

The salary rate is around $12 to 16 per hour for native speakers. As a new teacher, the salary starts with the lowest rate of 6 per 30 minutes of group lessons. If the teacher is teaching one on one class for 25 minutes they are paid $5 for the class. The teachers are given no additional bonus or any incentive according to the contract given to the teachers for a minimum of 6 months.

What are the working hours of Online Kids Academy

The academys working hours are to be considered between 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. According to the Turkish daytime, the morning and the early afternoon classes have a large group which approximately involves 12 students. Classes which have around 2 or 4 groups of students or the individual classes take place in the afternoon or evening. The online kid Academy has four types of classes that offer four different pay rates.

  • A class of 30 minutes having a small group of students up to 4 and having a large group of students up to 12 have the salary of $6.
  • A 25-minute class which is a private individual class offers the teacher a pay rate of $5.
  • A class of 20-25 minutes is a trial class and the pay rate is $5.
  • A class which is of 10 minutes which is a speaking test or exam class by which the student level is determined offers the teacher a pay rate of $3.
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What are the requirements for an Online Kids Academy

The following are some requirements for applications to an online kids academy:

  • The teacher should be a negative or near-native English speaker.
  • They need to have at least one year of teaching experience.
  • A bachelors degree or a higher degree is to be required for applying to an online Academy.
  • The minimum speed of internet connection is 4 Mbps. The teacher should contain an HD webcam for conducting the class with a microphone headset.
  • The need to install a Google Chrome browser.


The pay offered to the teacher is according to the hours of the class being taught by the teacher. The teacher needs to have a degree or diploma to apply to an Online Kids Academy. The age group of the students is between 5 to 12 so the company contains mostly children. The maximum class size of the Online Kids Academy is from 1 to 12.

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