Full SkimaTalk review Is SkimaTalk worth it [Solved]

This article provides a full SkimaTalk review. Many students other from native nations have less confidence in speaking English. This may result in them feeling demotivation. However, at the current time, many platforms are developing to help such students. One such platform that will help you to connect with the tutors is SkimaTalk. Though this platform has students from all over the world, the main focus is on Japanese and Korean students. To learn more about this platform and how you can work here as a tutor, go on and read this tutorial guide.

What is SkimaTalk

SkimaTalk enables one-on-one video conferences between ESL instructors and students who want to learn English. Despite having students from all over the world, the majority of them are Japanese adults. It is because this is a Japanese-based company. With material available on the platform, you will also get 25-minute lesson blocks that cover anything from role-playing to interview preparation to informal conversation. A variety of classes are available through SkimaTalk. It also includes classes for IELTS preparation, interviewing, and informal chat.

Benefits of becoming a tutor at SkimaTalk

  • There is no requirement for certification or related experience.
  • Unlike other tutoring platforms, you do not need to give a demo for getting selected.
  • All the material required for teaching is given by the platform.
  • You can keep your pay rate yourself.

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Pitfalls for becoming a tutor at SkimaTalk

  • You need to be a native speaker to become a tutor on this platform.
  • 20% of your earnings are taken up by the platform.
  • Getting students may be hard on the platform.
  • You need to give at least 3 free sessions to the students before setting up your pay rates. It is the biggest drawback when compared to other platforms.
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SkimaTalk review Is SkimaTalk worth it

You will find relatively low reviews for this platform. Also as a tutor, you have to take three free sessions, which may not be worth it for you. Though this platform gives you flexibility in timings, the free sessions and also the commission taken by them may discourage you to join the platform. One of the greatest advantages that you get is that you can become a tutor on this platform without any degree or certification requirement. It could be a nice idea if you make it your side hustle. It could also be a good idea for college-going students to use this platform to build up experience for their careers in the tutoring field.

Is SkimaTalk legit

SkimaTalk is a legit platform that you can use to teach. Many platforms have given reviews for them. The privacy policy shows how secure your data is. There is no sharing of your data with any other person. Also, the platform has a lot of students connected with them. This not only shows the reliability and safety of the platform but also its legitimacy.

How much can you earn at SkimaTalk

To start earning, you first need to take up three sessions for free. Once you have taken your three sessions, your pay rate will be automatically set by the company at $8. After the company sets your price, you can change it. The most common pay rate that is kept by the tutors is between $12.80-$48. However, you must note that the 20% is deducted from your earnings. Also, note that you will get your payment by the 10 of every month by Paypal. If there is any additional cost of it, it will also get deducted from your earnings.

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Requirements for becoming a tutor on SkimaTalk

  • You need to have the following requirements for becoming a tutor on SkimaTalk-
  • There is no need for degree completion and related certifications. However, you must have prior experience in teaching.
  • You should be from a native-speaking English countries
  • Another thing you need is a working laptop with a high-quality microphone or webcam. High-speed internet is also needed.

How to become a tutor on their platform

To become a tutor you do need to give a demo like other ESL platforms. Thus there are very easy steps that you can follow up to become a tutor on this platform-

  • You must complete your profile by signing up on this platform. A registration email will come to your email.
  • Once you complete your registration, you will need to set up your tutor profile. In it, you need to fill in all the necessary details, introduction video, etc.
  • Although there will be no demo session, you still need to give a subject test.
  • Once done you will get an email if you get accepted to this platform.


Skimatalk is an online Japanese-based platform that helps to connect students from all over the world, especially in Japan and Korea, to connect with tutors from Native English speaking nations. As a tutor, you can keep your pay rate but you need to give three free sessions first. This might be a big drawback as compared to other platforms. Also, you must have prior experience in teaching to become a tutor on it.

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