How and why complain about a professor [Solved]

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For more education-related articles, you may also refer to, Can Professors see your GPA Professors read papers GPA

How can you draft a complaint about your professor How and why complain about a professor

When you are in college there are so many teachers who are loyal to their duties and their students. But many are there who do not take their work or their duties seriously. As a result, it becomes your duty to make a complaint against them. Following is a guide on how you can file a complaint against such teachers and professors-

Following proper rules and regulations

First thing is to go deeply through the procedure of your institution. You must be aware of what rules and regulations are followed by your universities. Read all the instructions carefully and make sure your issue comes under the list of acts that are considered violations or not.

Talking to professors directly

The best way to solve the problem with your teacher is by directly approaching them. You must go and tell them about the problems you may be facing. There are situations where professors are willing to help but due to the shy nature of the student, they are unable to talk to the professors.

Take the help of your Class Representatives

Class representatives are the students that are responsible to connect other students with the professors. You can ask your representative to discuss your issue with the teachers. Make sure that your representative is genuine and keeps his/her grudges against you aside.

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Talk to another professor

Reaching out to a professor whom you can trust, is possibly the best way to make a complaint. They will help you to tackle your issue with the professor more easily and more appropriately.

Collect evidence

Making allegations against your professor is a serious issue. You must try to collect evidence as much as you can so that you could prove your allegation true. Try bringing students to your side to help you. If there are any other things like unethical mails or wrong grading show that as the proof.

Anonymous Letter

Another easy way of complaining about the professor without getting noticed is by sending an anonymous letter to your professor. Write to them about the problems you are facing with them. You can even similarly reach higher authority.

Why should you draft a complaint

It is very important to know in what circumstances you must make a complaint against your professor. So here are reasons why you should make a complaint against them-

Being Biased

Many professors are biased toward students who are not his/her favorites. If your professor is a person who is always biased, its time to stand up for yourself.

Is not punctual

Punctuality is the first thing that the professor should follow. If your professors are late for two-three classes then it is ok. Although if they are late in every classroom you should go and make a complaint about the issue.

Student life is very interesting but it becomes tough when you are not around good professors. Many teachers are helpful and have a great understanding of their students. But many teachers are not that loyal to their duties and responsibilities. As a result, you would want to make a complaint about the professors but may be afraid of doing it. There are several reasons why you may want to make a complaint about them. Also, you will learn about how you can file a complaint against your teachers if you think you need to.

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There are some rules for teaching in a school or a university. Teachers need to give a course outline to their students and must follow it. There will be teachers who do not even bother to give the students the course work of the subject. Such an unorganized manner should be reported.

Not teaching properly

The main role of the teacher is to teach. If you think that the teachers are not teaching you properly then you should first approach them at a personal level. If your teachers change their behavior then its cool otherwise go and report it to higher authorities.

Passing out personal comments

The biggest issue in a class occurs when some wrong professors start commenting on personal issues. Also, they may discriminate against you based on your caste, region, color, etc. If this happens to you, you must talk to your classmates and should make a complaint about it. Remember that nobody has a right to comment on others personal life.


When you are in school/college you get connected with various professors. Some are very devoted to their job responsibilities and others are not. They may be biased, unorganized, and not so serious related to their work. You must make complaints against such professors as professors are the people who are responsible for your future.

As a student, you may be afraid of making a complaint against them. But there is nothing to worry about as it is your right and there are many ways by which you can solve the problems you are facing. You can contact them directly or can send an anonymous letter to them. If still, it doesnt work, go to higher authorities. But make sure to remember the rules and the procedure of your school.

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