How Hard is it to Learn Piano [Solved]

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How Hard is it to Learn Piano

The piano is easy to learn but if a person wants to master it is difficult to do so. The person needs to have the right equipment and the right instruction is needed for the pickup of up chords and notes quickly.

Playing cards and complex movements with a non-dominant hand

The person who is learning how to play Piano needs to train both hands even if only one hand is used at the time. if the person is a right-handed person then the playing of chords with their left hand will be more challenging. The person needs to cross their fingers over another and follow the steps.

Playing different parts with both hands

The students hand which is mostly used by the student is able to train for playing piano faster. But this is not the right way. So the teacher instructs the student by playing with pieces of hands separately and then putting them together. because if the student is used to playing the piano with one hand only and neglects the other hand when the student will not be able to play the piano ever with the other hand. A sign of a good pianist is if the person is able to play A Melody in one hand and join the other hand with it.

For more such education-related articles, you may also glance through, Can You Learn Piano Without Reading Music

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Reading music

Reading music is another challenging task for the beginner as it becomes a second language like reading a book out loud. Reading a book of music is not a difficult task but reading the book and being able to take the notes and plate on a piano with the right rhythm makes it difficult. This can only be improved when a person does practice every day with both hands.

Playing by ears

Playing the guitar by ear is easy but playing piano by ear is not easy. The piano consists of many nodes. On a piano there are many ways to play a C chord, for example for playing the C chord three different ways can be used such as different places on the piano, different notes in the left hand and you can add all out of the extensions.

Have to learn boring

As a person has to start learning piano from the same boring sounds that everyone starts with. This is frustrating for many beginners. The person should start with learning the basic part of the process. As with the guitar, it is hard to get it the first time but at least it is able to play a full song. But in piano, a full song is divided into different parts and played.

What makes a piano a good first instrument

Playing the piano for the first time by a beginner is a great option as it will not look cool but it is a better instrument to start with than a guitar. As the guitar needs more physical strings to strike the hard string which is difficult for the beginner to play for the first time.

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What are the factors to learn piano

  • Learning the piano is done with a good teacher but there are many people who learn piano at home. A good teacher will teach the student by developing good habits and correcting them with the poster and hand position and how to use the correct finger for playing the music.
  • If a person had decided to learn piano they should have the commitment to practice piano on time and every day full stop at least 20 minutes a day pending for learning piano will be good for the person to learn quickly. And a maximum 30-minute day should be given to practice piano.
  • People who have a musical background will help them to learn quickly but for a person who has never played anything before for them, it will be hard to read the music and speak the musical language. All this process takes time and it is needed to have practice.
  • Learning of the piano should be done on beginner instrument as spending Hunters and thousands of Dollars to buy instrument before only when the person wont know how to play it so the person should play in the beginning with contains less than 73 keys but with the time Run the person will feel physical limitation to play the music on a small keyboard.


Practicing piano every day for 30 or 20 minutes will make it easy for the person to master the piano. The person needs to have dedication and should have the motivation to learn piano and practice it.

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