How is Prom in the UK different from Prom in the USA [Solved]

How is Prom in the UK different from Prom in the USA

How is Prom in the UK different from Prom in the USA Prom is the last official dance that you do in your high school before your graduation. You will find a lot of dance, fun, games, etc on a prom night. It is a beautiful night in which you formally get ready for the party night. Though prom is a traditional practice in the USA, it has been taking place in the UK as well. To know what activities are there on a prom night and how prom is different in the UK when compared to the USA, read the given article.

What is a prom

A prom or a Promenade dance is a dance party for the students studying in high school. This is the last official dance organized for high school students. Boys may be dressed up in semi-formal or informal suits and girls may be dressed up in evening gowns. Prom is generally organized during the end of high school for either individual junior and senior years or a combination of both. It is the last chance to meet up with your fellow students and enjoy with them.

How is Prom in the UK different from Prom in the USA

Following are the main differences between the Prom in UK and Prom in the USA-


Well the biggest difference between the Prom in USA and Prom in the UK is the origins of it. The origin of it in the USA was back in 1894. Though it became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Whereas, if we talk about the UK, prom nights started getting popular during the 2000s. Before that schools were a popular choice during the 1970s.

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In the USA you will generally see the pre-party as standing on your front lawn and your parents seeing you and being proud of you. Whereas, in the UK, you will be seen as opening a bottle of champagne from TESCO and drinking it directly from the bottle with the help of a straw.

Dress Codes

While the dress code is similar between both the countries it is slightly different in Scotland. You will see all the students in elegant dresses matching the corsage. Though as far as Scotland is concerned, you will be seeing students who wear Kilts at prom.

King and Queen

In the US, generally, the captain of the football team along with his GF becomes King and Queen. Whereas, in the UK the title is generally given to the captain of the rugby team and his GF.


There are generally Limo/party buses that carry most of the students to the prom venue at the time of prom in the USA. This is not the case with prom in the UK.


The decoration of the prom at night in the USA is related to the specific theme of the party. It may include Hollywood style or Oscar night. Everything that you will see at the prom will be related to the theme of your prom night. Whereas, the decoration of UK prom night is generally like having some of the balloons at the party hall along with some light decorations.


In the US no teachers are watching you and you are enjoying the time dancing with the band and the DJ. However, as far as the UK is concerned, you will find a DJ, a band, and also the teachers who are trying to maintain the discipline of the party by removing some of the drunk students.

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You will find a lot of snacks and refreshments on your table at the prom in the US. The cake is based on the theme of your prom night. Whereas, in the UK, you will only find drinks more than any snack or food.

After Party

In the US, you are typically expected to visit a scheduled area like a mountain hill or the side of a beach, where everyone will meet and enjoy. Whereas, in the UK it is like you take out your alcohol which you have hidden outside and you along with your friends enjoy it at the house of you or your friends whose parents are away from the house that night.

Why is prom important

Prom is important because it is one of the school traditions that you need to follow. This is one of the events which helps you remember your memories back from the time you enter the school. It is the symbol of friendship, fun, and all the things that you have done in your school. This is one last time when your entire class will be together for the last time and will be celebrating the movements. Prom is one such thing that brings every student in your high school together for the last time. You will be enjoying the full time with your friends and co-students. Prom gives you the memories that you cherish for the rest of your life.

What happens on a Prom Night

Following are the things that happen on a Prom night-

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Silent Disco

If you live in an area that does not allow you to play loud music, you can try putting on your headsets with the same songs and dancing on them. This way you can act like having a silent disco.


Your teachers can choose some contests to add some more entertainment and fun to your prom. You will be playing different games and contests.


You may see a bonfire at the end of the prom. This is one of the common things that you will see at your prom.


Of course, there will be a lot of dances at the prom. Proms are incomplete without dance. You will find different types of songs to which you will be dancing.

Fashion Show

There may be a fashion show at your prom as well. You will be showing your fashion skills in front of everyone.


There may be concert-type things in which you may need to take part. You will be singing on the stage in front of the Mic.

Speech time

The prom king and queen will need to give a special speech on this special day. They will be delivering a speech regarding the time they have spent in high school.


Food is something that you will find a lot on the table. You will see some special dishes as per your theme as well.


Along with food, drinks may be a part of your prom night. You will see a lot of different drinks along with the food.