How many generations occur in 400 years [Solved]

My dad stated he can hint his household again to the 1600s so I need to know what number of generations in the past that might be (on common)

you possibly can work out a mean should you assume all of them had youngsters say at 30 years previous
that might make 3 generations per 100 years and an additional 1-2 with the remaining decade on the finish of every 100 years
so between 12-14 generations

manner again folks had youngsters a lot youthful, so should you stated they did at 20, that might make 5 generations per 100 years, and upping it to twenty generations in 400 years
do common these 2 and also you get 15-16 generations

What number of technology are there in 400 years. reply 36
okay test in your self What number of technology are at present alive throughout my life for me theres 7 in my life thus far and yet another on the way in which Im 45. so if I reside one other 45 years theres a chance that one other 4 extra technology will seem. . whats 2 exponent 36 equal to the variety of
grand nice nice.. grandparents
36 generations in 400 years is just a bit greater than 11 years per technology.
that make you associated to 68 billion grandparents alone, (not together with different family = aunts , uncles, cousins )

in all probability about 12

in all probability about 12

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