How many times does the light beam shown in the figure reflect from the top mirror [Solved]

The first reflection from the top mirror will be at 68tan15 = 18.22 cm from the left end
The next will be at 2 * 18.22 = 36.44 cm.
nth reflection will be at a distance of
18.22 (n-1) * (36.44) cm
=> 18.22 (n 1) * (36.44) < 168 => n 1 < (168 - 18.22) /(36.44) => n < 5.11 => there will be 5 reflections from the top mirror.

If there are n reflections at the bottom mirror,
36.44n < 168 => n < 4.61 => there will be 4 reflections from the bottom mirror.

sure it is contemplated. of direction, the glass on the front of the mirror could have a thickness, so the a number of the mild will enter the glass and be in part refracted by ability of it and then leap back out for the time of the glass whilst a number of the mild would be contemplated off the front of the glass. the share would be stricken by ability of the attitude of occurrence that the laser is shone on the mirror. (No distinctive than regularly occurring mild) The particular assets of lasers is they have an fairly tight bandwidth (the form of distinctive frequencies is amazingly small so it is acknowledged as a single wavelength). additionally, each and each photon travels at this wavelength and in assessment to nornal mild, all the wavelengths are in section. This superposition is what provides lasers the flexibility.

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