How to be a podiatrist do podiatrists go to medical school [Solved]

How to be a Podiatrist Do Podiatrists go to medical school As a medical student, one of the toughest choices that you may have to make is to choose the profession which suits you. There are several branches of medical science including internal medicine, radiology, cardiology, etc. One such uncommon branch that you may not have heard about is Podiatric.

Pediatrics is that branch that deals with the treatment and diagnosing of the problems related to the foot, ankle, and related structure of the foot. If you are unaware of this branch, you may love to know about it and how you can become one of it. This article will help you by providing a full guide on it.

Who is a Podiatrist

Podiatric is a branch of medical science that is only retained for foot disorders. This means that a doctor who treats the problem of the lower leg and feet is known as a Podiatrist. As a podiatrist, you will be treating problems of Ankle, foot, and related structures. Not only this, but you can also treat some complex issues like Diabetes. These doctors are commonly known as Podiatric physicians and doctors of Podiatric medicine.

Do podiatrists go to medical school

No, podiatrists do not go to medical school. To become a podiatrist you will need to get to different schools which are known as Podiatry schools. A podiatry school is a place where you will learn about the problems related to the foot and how to treat them. Most Podiatry schools give you a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M) degree.

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