How to Become a Straight A Student [Solved]

Getting an A grade is every student\s dream. All students are chasing behind good grades, but only a few can make it to the top of the rankers list. Not because they have extraordinary intelligence, or are ultra-smart, or have a better IQ, but because they work extra hard, manage the time perfectly, are well disciplined, eat healthily, attend the classes regularly, do not get carried away with distractions, and are completely responsible for their grades. Such students can make it to the top of the list and receive a straight A grade.

On the contrary, the lethargic students, play games all day, do not attend classes regularly, are not punctual, even eat unhealthily, are easily carried away with distractions, are not self-disciplined, and even do not take complete responsibility for their grades; tend to lag in studies and are unable to achieve good grades. Hereunder are a few tips for students who dream of becoming a straight A grader in school :

  • Becoming a punctual student
  • Reviewing everything that is taught in school at the end of the day
  • Planing out a study schedule in advance
  • Time management
  • Teaching the information to someone else
  • Prioritizing and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle

1.Becoming a punctual student

Trying to reach on time, completing assignments on time, attending all the classes, completing all the responsibilities both as a student in school and as an individual at home on time, not wasting time on unimportant things in life are all the qualities of a punctual student. Punctuality leads to good grades in school making the person a good student at school and a better individual at home. Below are a few tips to become a punctual student :

  • Planning the schedules before time
  • Leaving a little early to reach on time
  • Adopting a discplined lifestyle
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2.Reviewing everything that is taught in school at the end of the day

Reviewing each day\s schoolwork at home makes it easy to remember. Reviewing everything that is taught in school at the end of the day makes it easy while appearing for exams, as there is not much burden and one can complete the portion on time with revision. Students who do not review at the end of the day may find it difficult at the last moment to study everything altogether and may not be able to achieve good grades. Few benefits of reviewing everything that is taught in school at the end of the day :

  • It is easy to remember the information for a longer period of time as it is freshly taught and learned thoroughly.
  • Helps in achieveing an A grade.

3.Planing out a study schedule in advance

Planing out a study schedule in advance, or creating a study plan can help in achieving set goals and completing studies on decided timelines and before the exams. It can also provide time for revisions and makes a student more confident, punctual, and responsible. One can create a study schedule by keeping certain points in mind:

  • Planning and catering equal time slots for studying all subjects.
  • Knowing and working on the strengths and working even harder on weaknesses.
  • Dedicating more time to weaker subjects.
  • Sparing some time in the study plan for revisions.

4.Time management

Time management is the first and most important step towards being a responsible individual. One can gradually learn and manage time according to the priority of work. Managing and dedicating time is very much important. Preparing a list of tasks to be completed with priority levels and completing the tasks by the end of the day with efficiency is termed time management. Here are a few tips to manage time wisely :

  • Marking the tasks in a planner or calendar and keeping the track of deadlines, appointments, exams, extra classes, and every important event.
  • Preparing a timeline for all tasks and making it on time.
  • Being aware of all kinds distractions and being away from them.
  • Breaking down responsibilities into smaller parts, so that it does not become burdensome.
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5.Teaching the information to someone else

One can increase the understanding of a topic or piece of information by teaching it to someone else and even remembering it for a longer time as it remains in a person\s memory. By teaching the information to someone else one can recall the information and explain it in a precise and clear manner can remember faster. While explaining it to someone else one should :

  • Listing down the key points first and then expanding them in-depth
  • Making more charts, diagrams, graphs to learn and then teaching the same to someone else.
  • If there is no one available to teach one can re-teach the information to self.

6.Prioritizing and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle

Making affirmative changes in lifestyle can lead to a healthier body and mind which leads to better concentration and focus thus making it easier and fast to learn anything in life. Prioritizing and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle includes:

  • Having a healthy sleep cycle of a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 8 hours can improve the learning and grasping capacity of the brain.
  • Eating a balanced meal with healthy food choices like fruits, vegetables, fluids, proteins, fibres and much more.
  • Exercising for relaxing both mind and body.
  • Keeping the workspace or study space clean, leads to positive thoughts and vibes.
  • Sleeping early at night in order to wake up early in the morning.
  • Staying away from all bad influences like alcoholic drinks, bad friends, smoking, and all sorts of distractions.

This post is last updated on at Date : 1st of September – 2022