How to find Parties in colleges [Solved]

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There are so many different types of parties that you will find during your college time. Though these parties are great, many times students are unaware of these parties and miss them. If you do not want to miss any chance of missing these fun parties, read this article to know some useful tips that will help you to get safe from missing any party.

Tips for Finding College parties How to find Parties in colleges

Various tips are useful to find the college parties

Checking Social Media

You must regularly check your every social media platform to get aware of every party organized around you. Facebook and Instagram have become one of the biggest platforms that helps you to know about every upcoming party. Keep connected with the students who mostly organize such parties. Check for the stories of the students to know more about the parties organized around you. Another platform that you must check is Yik Yak. This is one of the platforms which sends notifications to every person around a specific area.

Enrolling Yourself In Sororities and Fraternities

Sororities and Fraternities are greek organizations that are mostly known for their party culture along with hosting cultural events. Various organizations are based on academic and nonacademic profiles. Though to join these groups you need to be excellent in your communication and other related skills. You will be giving a proper interview or performing selection rounds to get into them.

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For more such education-related articles, you may also glance through, What happens at College Party 8 Types of Parties in College

Check your emails and texts

This is another way to get updated with the fun parties and meetings within your colleges. Many college organizations and groups send emails to the students with the invitation to join the college parties. Most of the social groups will send you the invitation through your mails only. So you must regularly check your emails to know any upcoming parties around you.

College student organization

When you go to the college you will find a lot of organizations that are run and managed by the student body or the alumni present in the school. You could join an organization that matches your interests. By joining these clubs you will not only get to know about the parties organized by these clubs but also be able to participate in the activities related to your interest. These organizations host events that will give you the same feeling as you will get at the parties.

Make more connections

You must try to make as many friends as you can. Try to connect with every classmate and make them your friend. Every individual has their friends. When you become someones friend, there are chances that his/her friends may be throwing the party. This will help you to know about various parties that are happening in your college.

Attend tailgate and dorm events

These are the events that will give you a party-type feeling. Tailgates are events that take place before a competitive match between two schools or colleges. In this type of event, people dress up in the same color that matches the Jersey of their respective schools whom they are cheering for. These are possibly the best way to make new connections and also are considered a style of partying. However, the dorm event is just like a small home event, where students gather in a small room and take part in various fun activities. Such events help you to make new friends, new connections and the feeling of the party at the same time.

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Host your party

When you throw your party, it helps to connect with a lot of new people which eventually become best friends. This could be probably the easiest and best way to connect. You need to make a good playlist and need to organize everything available at the party. You must serve them snacks, drinks, and food. Do not forget to send the invitation to your neighbors as well. This will help to make good relations with them as well. Another thing that you can do to attract your guests is by keeping a theme party.

Gate crashing other college parties

This may sound like an unethical way of getting to the party, but this could end up giving you amazing friends and amazing memories. Also when you gatecrash you find people who you dont know. How you will connect with them will show your social skills. Also, many students do this just to get some fun experience. But remember when you are thinking of gatecrashing the party, you must take something for the host.


College parties are one of the best things that you go through in your college days. There are a lot of parties that take place during your college time. But the problem is to get to know when and where these parties are being organized and who is the host of the party. This article helps you to know some of the ways by which you can easily get to know about different college parties being organized in your college.

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