How to Study Well [Solved]

Study habits vary from individual to individual, but effective study habits and strategies help a lot to every student in performing better at studies and achieving better results in the exams. Every individual has phases of studying and while doing so has a feeling that one simply lacks better study habits or schedules, and is unable to study well. In that case, developing a habit to study regularly can help a student to be better at studying.

Hereunder are a few ways in which one can study effectively with a better yield and can perform well in studies :

Hereunder are a few ways in which one can study effectively with a better yield and can perform well in studies :

  • Making it a habit of studying regularly
  • Setting up a study space
  • Organizing all study materials
  • Developing a competent study plan
  • Identifying unique study techniques suitable to oneself
  • Ease off by taking breaks
  • Switching and learning different subjects

1.Making it a habit of studying regularly

Making it a habit of studying regularly can be beneficial in many ways. Making studies a part of routine habits like eating, sleeping, playing can help in developing a studios mindset. A studious mindset is helpful in studying to the fullest potential thus being helpful to a person to become more studious. Every individual has different capabilities and potentials thus everyone can be studious, just it takes hard work, intense focus, and prioritizing studies over every other possible distraction. Few points to make a habit of studying regularly :

  • Include studies in the daily to-do\s list.
  • Getting in a studios mindset.

2.Setting up a study space

Setting up a study space or dedicating a permanent space to set up a study table can motivate an individual to study regularly. Keeping the workspace or study space clean, leads to positive thoughts and vibes which in turn leads to fewer distractions and more focus. Creating a study atmosphere suitable to one taste such as pasting positive slogans, planting indoor plants, decorating the study space to one liking to increase the time of study sessions. Below are a few points for how to set up a study space :

  • Finding that one corner of the house where there is adequate sunlight in the morning and a good amount of artificial lighting during the night.
  • Finding a place that is more connected to nature or with a window in order to get fresh air.
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3.Organizing all study materials

To increase the knowledge one needs to collect all the available data, materials, and notes regarding the subject. One needs to complete notes before getting started. To increase subject knowledge and study well one needs to prepare well also. One can organize the study materials like :

  • One can arrange all the materials related to different subjects in a forizontal pile format in order to find easily.
  • One can put colour coded stickers according to different subjects.
  • One can organize all the stationeries required neatly and in an easily accessible manner.
  • If one prefers to study online, one needs to keep laptop, pc, chargers, drives and everything related to it, ready in advanced.

4.Developing a competent study plan

Developing a competent study plan or schedule is a basic necessity to study regularly and complete the study portion before exams. Creating a study plan or study schedule can help in achieving set goals and completing studies on decided timelines or before the exams. One can create a study plan by keeping certain points in mind:

  • Planning or dividing the study content in that specific time lapse.
  • Checking calender and planing study subjects according to days of the week or weeks in a month keeping in mind all the subjects and material to be completed.
  • Setting time limits and dividing each day according to the tasks and subjects.
  • Setting rewards on achieving time lines or specific targets.

5.Identifying unique study techniques suitable to oneself

Identifying unique study techniques can help a person to find out what kind of learner one is because every individual has a certain technique or strategy of learning that only one can discover or identify. One knows certain strengths and weaknesses of own. For example, someone is good at remembering through reading, someone else is good at learning through listening, someone else might be a visual learner through graphs or pictures, someone might be a kinesthetic learner who would prefer learning through practical experiences much more. Thus identifying and developing certain unique study techniques can lead to a better study experience.

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6.Ease off by taking breaks

Easing off the mind and body is a very crucial part of studies. One cannot study continuously as the mind and body both feel fatigued. Continuous study sessions can lead to detachment or boredom towards studying. Thus taking small breaks or creating break windows among the study schedules can lead to better, more interesting, and intriguing study sessions. One can take a break in the form of:

  • Taking power naps
  • Listening to music or playing games
  • Taking a short walk around the surroundings for fresh air or experiencing nature
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Eating a snack or sipping a bevarage

7.Switching and learning different subjects

Switching and learning different subjects daily can make it easy to develop an interest in studies and helps in studying well. In order to cover up the vast syllabus before exams, one needs to dedicate days to different studies. By doing so one can :

  • Studying a subject for a long period of time might make it tedious.
  • Dividing the available time into different subjects like; dedicating first half of time for a subject which one likes and other half for the subject that one dislikes, might increase the interest in studies.

This post is last updated on at Date : 1st of September – 2022