how to talk like a girly girl [Solved]


-add like into every sentence!
-tha- was so last week
-Hae hunii!
If your s girl it will just come naturally!

Ok, this is to answer your how to act and talk like a girly girl (saw both your questions.) I am assuming that you are trying out for a roll in a play or something and leave it at that. Its not how they talk or how they act, its what they say and what they do. Girly girls, do not curse or burp or . Their voice is light and cheery all the time, even when they are mad. The talk about guys, fashion, makeup, getting married, The upcoming dance or party, their body fat index, and their tea cup chihuahua, Brutus. They cross their legs every time they sit down, they have good posture, (this helps accentuate their bust,) flip their hair, add extra swing to their hips and bat their lashes when a guy walks by. They ask for a guys help with everything, i.e. picking up something heavy, getting something off a high shelf, etc. They are independent and strong but, play the vulnerable bit when guys are around. They can get a tear in their eye or freak out with excitement over the smallest thing, (show emotion.)
Hope this helps!

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say like and omg a lot.

I dont know, I just talk like me.
Why dont you try having your own personality
(I know you said dont be harsh, well thats not harsh thats just a suggestion!)

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Whats wrong with being yourself

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Whats girly girl like ditzy or just not tomboyish I think i talk like a lady, i dont swear. i sometimes say ew, i have a softer voice , but whats girly girl like valley girl Why do you want to talk like that for a play If your doing it to change yourself DONT, people can sense when people are being fake.

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omg that guy is soo cute
u no typical stuff like that

ok, say ohmigosh im well excited! like check out the hottie:0

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umm usually they say
like yeah, duh!
yeahh , girlfriend
pshh , no wayyyy!
something like that

omg that guy is soo cute
u no typical stuff like that

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