How to Teach Kids to Read Music Notes [Solved]

How to Teach Kids to Read Music Notes

How to Teach Kids to Read Music Notes If the person is interested in learning music and wants to learn by reading music, that is a very impressive skill, and if the person is able to transform the written sheet into music that can be played, enjoyed, and listened to by others. This article is all about how to teach kids to read music notes.

How to Teach Kids to Read Music Notes

While teaching the kids to read the music and play it there are many methods but if the teacher makes sure that the following points should be there in the teaching so that the student is able to learn early and properly.

  1. Learning lines and spaces
  2. Word rhythm association.
  3. Associate pitch with colors.

Learning lines and spaces

This is a stage in which the student is able to learn and understand how the music is formed such that the musical stave is made up of 5 horizontal lines and each line on the musical stave represents a note. The following method is used to teach the student to understand the musical notes:

  • Teach the 5 line names.
  • Teach the spaces.
  • Practice the naming of notes.
  • Introducing flashcard games for memorizing.
  • Teach the rhythm.
  • Familiarity with individual notes.
  • Introducing music notation games.
  • Teach pitch.

Teach the 5 line names

Each line represents a note in musical reading such as E, G, B, D, F. And it starts from the bottom of the line and moves upward. the teacher can make the student learn it by teaching a phrase in which the words start with the letter of note.

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If the student concentrates on the teaching of the teacher they will be able to get a perspective on the musical stave.

Teach the spaces

After getting the understanding of lines that represent the note the student should learn about spacing in reading. Starting to learn the space in the notes the word moment is FACE. The word FACE starts from the bottom and moves up as musical staves are F, A, C, and E.

Practicing the naming of notes

Practicing the naming of notes can be done by using the hands as if the teacher teaching takes the hand with the palm towards the face and then down it perfectly representing a musical stave. The hands show the naming in the following ways:

  • If the teacher shows a pinky finger it means E.
  • The first space represents F.
  • The ring finger represents G.
  • The second space represents A etc.

If the student concentrates on the teaching of the teacher they will be able to get a perspective on the musical stave.

Introduce flashcard games for memorizing

Memorizing the classroom lecture and practicing through the use of flashcards and games is an effective way to learn. The student can play flashcard games in which the student has to pair the notes. Also, the flashcard has a section of music that needs to be arranged in a way that the correct order is played.

Teach the rhythm

After the student gets the knowledge of pitch. Now the teacher should start to teach the student rhythms. The teacher should teach by single beat.

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Familiarity with individual notes

The students should have knowledge about the symbols and shapes of the musical notes. This can be done by showing the image of the symbols and asking the student to describe the symbol. The teacher should explain everything about the symbol such as what the symbol means, how they are used etc.

Teach pitch

Pitches in the music term referring to the placement of the sounds that create high pitch sounds or low pitch sounds and give these sounds a value which is called a note.

Introducing music notation games

With the learning the student has to practice listening, reading, and writing the music notes. The teacher can teach the students by playing games in music notation. For a simple start, the student should play the piano making the chords and notes familiar to them and see whether the student is able to use the correct symbol correctly in the space.

Word rhythm association

The word rhythm association teaches the student to explore the mathematical relation between the rhythm value. For example, the teacher will give the student many words like walk, run, sit, jump, etc which the student has to convert to a rhythm value.

Associate pitch with colors

Associating the pitch with the color was done so that when the student sees the color they have to name the pitch or sing the pitch. The instruments such as saxophone have solid color coordination that makes the student perform this exercise easily.


Music is said to be the combination of rhythm and pitch and students should learn about them from the basics of developing musical education. The teaching of the pitch and rhythm should be in a way that sounds interesting.

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What is the age for the child to learn music

No perfect age can be said to teach children to learn music.

What is learning to read the music called

Learning to read music is called sight reading.

This post is last updated on at Date : 1st of September – 2022