How to write an Email about missing an Exam [Solved]

How to write an Email about missing an Exam The procedure of writing an email about missing an exam is quite simple but it takes a lot of courage. You just need to follow some of the basic steps which are mentioned below.

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How to write an Email about missing an Exam

It can be easy to miss an exam without informing your lecturer. It could be wise to keep quiet if you missed your exam due to some stupid reason. It is because doing so will just annoy your professor more. However, if there was a valid reason for not taking the exam, its crucial to explain it to your professor. Reasons that are considered valid are family problems, illness, injuries, etc. Remember to assure him that it would not happen in the future. Youll need to encourage not just yourself but also your teacher to believe in you and give you a second chance. Exam scores are typically significant since they account for a higher portion of your final grade.

How to write an Email about missing an Exam

How to write an email to your professor about missing an exam

The procedure of writing an email is very easy. You just need to follow some of the basic steps

Find out the email of the professor

To send the email to your professor, the first thing that you need to do is to find the email from your professor. Although it is very easy to get the email id of your professor, the email of your professors is easily available.

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Clear subject

When you are writing an email to your professor, you should make sure to give op a proper subject to your mail. Keep the subject small, appropriate and easy to read. Your subject gives your teachers an idea about what the email will be all about.

For more education-related articles, you may also refer to, How to email a Professor about a wrong grade

Give an introduction

Start with a quick introduction of yourself. Give them details like your name, class, entry number, etc. This is important as there are 1000 students that your teacher may be teaching to. So to make them know about who you are, you must give your information to them.

Explain your reason

The next step is to tell them the reason why you were absent at the time of the exam. Do not give any fake or bad excuses. This will turn things against you only. Also, write about how important that exam means to you. This will show your professor that you are concerned about the exam. In most cases, professors get convinced and agree to take a retest if the problem due to which you were not able to take up the test is unavoidable.

Ask for another chance

Here comes the actual thing on what you are writing for. Ask them to give you a second chance to give the paper. Remember to write it in such a manner that it does not look like you are disrespecting your professor.

Keep it short

Remember that your professor has several other things to do. You must add the details which are relevant to your subject. Do not add unnecessary information and make it too long for your professor to read it. You must only add the details that your professor needs to know.

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You should recheck everything that you have added in the email. You should see that there are no spelling or grammar errors in the mail.Proofreading is an important step and is a must.

End up with a thank you

Remember that your professors have taken out the time to read out your email. Therefore you must thank them by putting thank you lines or paragraphs at the end of the email.

Sent and wait

Once everything is done, you must wait for the reply of the teachers. It might take time to get a reply from them as already discussed that there is a lot of other work for them to do. You must wait for a reply to the email, at least 24 hours after sending the email. There are possibilities that they might be busy with some other work and have not seen your email.


One of the most common causes of receiving lower grades in your course is missing an exam. This also influences your final GPA which is important for higher education. You must notify your professor and request a second opportunity if you miss the exam due to unavoidable reasons. If there was a strong reason you didnt take the exam, you must tell your professor about it. This article will help you to know how to write an email to your professor. Also, remember that you must not miss the exam again in the future.

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