I need some help in chem and if someoen could please help me out.. would be soo great [Solved]

A solution was prepared by dissolving 29.0 g of KCl in 225 g of water.

b) 225 g water
mol = 225g / 18.016g/mol = 12.5 mol water

29.0 g KCl
mol = 29.0 / 74.55g/mol = 0.389 mol KCl

Therefore mole fraction KCl = 0.389 / (.389 12.5) = 0.030

Molarity = 0.389mol / 0.239L = 1.63 mol/L

c) from above, mol KCl is 0.389, vol = 0.239L

Mass percent and mole fraction work pretty much the same way they are both percentages. Any percent is sample / total x 100.
A) is straight forward. B) Convert both to moles and the sample / total.
C) If the solvent is water, then molarity and molality are the same thing as the density of water 1g/ml Liters = Kilograms.
Convert the KCl to mole and then divide by lters.

I can only answer A. Divide KCl with H20. So 29g/225g = 0.13 times 100. Its about 13% mass in the solution.

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