Identify whether each acquisition is allowable under eminent domain. the local government wants to purchase the connolly families [Solved]

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In the US, Eminent Area is the facility of the federal authorities or the state governments to amass personal property with a purpose to convert it into public use. To do that, the federal government first has to pay the landowner simply compensation for his or her property. Primarily based on this idea, we will conclude the next concerning the statements: Assertion 1 isnt allowable below Eminent Area as a result of a automobile showroom isnt one thing meant to public use.Assertion 2 is allowable as a result of a radio tower would profit society usually by offering antennas for telecommunications and broadcasting.Assertion 3 isnt allowable as a result of it violates the landowners proper to obtain simply compensation for his or her property as protected below the Fifth Modification to the Structure. Assertion 4 is allowable as the federal governments intention is to construct a park that may profit folks.

sorry i do knot know this

swap round #3 and #4 clarification: i hope this , im not 100% on this i actually hoped this

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