im in love with a married woman and she loves me too , what should i do [Solved]

What we WANT, certainly is not always what we can HAVE, but if you truly LOVE her, then allow her to deal with her issues, as she has to, without intruding your own desires into the mix.

leave her alone man!!!! that is crazy marriage is sacred!!! she has no respect!! i dont know the whole situation, but if she was going to leave her husband she would have if she wants to be with you that much then whats stopping her from leaving her husband be careful!!! you seem like a nice guy and there is not many out you could find a single women who will hopefully appreciate the love you have to give!!! on the flip side i hope that i am wrong and she really loves you and DIVORCE her husband so you guys could live happily ever after!!! i want to be invited to the wedding lol



Source(s): Life,,, Somtimes we have to accept PANGS along with the PINGS

Im kinda in the same boat, but I am the married woman. My husband of 20 years left me for a year, (Aug.04 Aug.05), said it was OVER, he didnt love me anymore,

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