IMVU-Can some one list ALL the ways for me to get credits on IMVU. [Solved]

I really cant send it money, my friends has to do it, so Id like easy ways to get credits, oh and if you have an IMVU account you can add me, serenitysuzy, thanks guys.

1. When you register with IMVU, you start with 1,000 credits.
2. When you have your 1st 3D chat you earn 50 Credits. (The person that you first chat with also earns Credits)
3.When you browse the new products page you earn an amount between 1 and 50 Credits. This is awarded once daily.
4. You can try the spinfree game and if you are lucky you can earn 17, 132 or 500 credits.
5. Invite some of your friends, When you invite a friend, you can earn:
* 500 Credits when the invited friend logs in to the IMVU chat client for the first time.
* An additional 500 Credits when the invited friend has their 1st 3D chat.
* An additional 500 Credits when the invited friend has their 5th 3D chat.
* When the invited friend buys Credits you earn between 1,000 and 10,000 Credits every time they buy a Pack or Avatar Name!
6. If you have a social network profile page, blog, or website take part in the Power Earners Program and place your avatar info or banners on web pages. Youll earn Credits each time someone joins IMVU through your web page (just like referring your friends above)!
7. Buy credits at
8. Become a Developer and sell some of your items and if someone buys the products you sell you can earn the profit of the price minus the loss.
9. You can play the treasure hunt game which not many people are good at, go to an avatars name called WolvesBlood and youll find the treasure hunt game there.
10. You can do quests by going to and get a quest from him, if you completed it, he will give you lots of credits depending how hard the quest is.
11. Take part in the Daily Outfit Challenge and when your outfit design places in the top 6 in the Daily Outfit Challenge you win between 1000 and 5000 Credits!
12. My own starters website to get 5000 credits every month: go to,/ place a banner anywhere in your homepage and you can win 5000 credits every month so be patient!

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Hope this helps you, bye now!

Source(s): Note: if you need more info, chat with me or you can check out my homepage and leave a message if you have problems or anything, my avatar name is kokakola11. Special offer, Goth Cave includes: The Goth Room, 22 additional items and 25,000 real credits for only $19.99. Offer expires at 27/11/07.

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