in final fantasy 12 im looking for rare monster 63-vorres- in necrohol of nabudis/hall of the ivory covenant [Solved]

i found a guide that said the corridor in front of the room of fury optional boss. find a dark element and lure it to attack you only will this monster show up. i found this after sucessfully escapeing from dark elemental.- its writen strange but i get what its saying only problem is that i cant find an elemental at all anywere in the hole place some one help

It is pretty rare for Vorres to spawn, it took me several tries, so dont give up! Find a dark elemental in the Hall of the Ivory Covenant section of the Necrohol. Lead it from the hallway north of the Cloister of Reason to the hallway on the south side WITHOUT defeating it. The dark elementals are rare, so keep exiting and re-entering the area until one appears. Here is a map of the location:;544
Good luck! This is a tough rare monster to spawn.

Source(s): Ive beat the game 3 times, and I got this info from my FFXII Brady guide.

63 must be made to abide by strict rules and regulations.necrohol must be free of alcohol.nabudis must be flowering buds.ivory allowed freedom.

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