In the deserted village, goldsmith has little respect for the sentimental village preacher. true false [Solved]

The proper reply for the query thats being offered above is that this one: FALSE.Within the Abandoned Village Goldsmith insults the sentimental village preached simply by telling the methods of his educating. The assertion thats offered isnt true.

In The Abandoned Village, Goldsmith has little respect for the sentimental village preacher. FALSE. The Abandoned Village is a poem by Oliver Goldsmith revealed in 1770. Its a work of social commentary, and condemns rural depopulation and the pursuit of extreme wealth. Within the poem, Goldsmith criticises rural depopulation, the ethical corruption present in cities, consumerism, enclosure, panorama gardening, avarice, and the pursuit of wealth from worldwide commerce

That is often true bc he thought he was higher than everybody else

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