in which of the following instances is the teacher most likely to be held liable [Solved]

through which of the next situations is the trainer most definitely to be held liable group of reply decisions a. two college students start to talk to one another hostilely. b. the trainer tells them to steer clear of one another. c. despite the fact that they seem to have calmed down throughout class, they start preventing as quickly as they depart class. d. a pupil enters the trainers class very indignant a couple of combat he has simply had together with his father. e. in his emotional state, he places his fist via a window, reducing his hand. f. a trainer ignores two college students who start to wrestle playfully, and considered one of them breaks a wrist. g. whereas a trainer is circulating via the classroom helping college students with their work, a pupil unexpectedly jumps out of her seat to indicate a pal a dance transfer. h. in doing the transfer, she dislocates her shoulder.

the reply is d) it supplied irrigation for farming.

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