Is college a scam Why and why not [Solved]

In-state Tuition Fees $10,116

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Is college a scam

College is not a scam, no. However, there are reasons why people think that college is a scam. Graduates may spend most of their working careers paying off their student loans. Thus getting a college degree should no longer be seen as a way of getting a job. This is simply because graduates carry a significant amount of debt that becomes part of their professional careers. This could be one of the relatable reasons why you may think college is a scam. To understand why most people believe college is a scam you should move to the next section.

Why is college considered a scam

Reasons, why college may be considered a scam, are

Higher Education Fee

Most schools and colleges have started charging high tuition fees for students. As a result, it may make it hard for you to pay your fees. The education sector has become more like a business now. Following are the average tuition fees in different areas according to the U.S. News

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