Jg is the diameter of circle m. which conclusion cannot be drawn from the diagram [Solved]

KN is congruent to NIIs the proper reply

a) /KN = /NI and d) /GH =/GL/KN is the algebraic measure of KN, it may be constructive or unfavorable. Its the similar for /NI /GH and /GLso /KN =/NI shouldnt be doable, as a result of /KN is constructive and /NI unfavorable, theyve a distinct indicators. So do /GH and /GL.

KN is congruent to NIIs the proper reply

a posh quantity is a quantity that may be expressed within the kind a bi, the place a and b are actual numbers, and that i is an answer of the equation x2 = 1. as a result of no actual quantity satisfies this equation, i is known as an imaginary quantity. has no actual answer, for the reason that sq. of an actual quantity cant be unfavorable.

12*c step-by-step rationalization:

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