List of 12 Best doctor lifestyle specialties [Solved]

Average Salary: $263,600

12 Best Doctor Lifestyle Specialties

Following are some of the medical specialties that you can choose from-

Family doctors

Family doctors prioritize providing for the needs of the entire community. It is one of the most rewarding specialties because it involves working directly with patients, especially if you enjoy dealing with people. Family medicine typically provides regular work hours and a fulfilling social life. You have the option to start your medical practice for even more flexibility.

Average Salary: $308,000


Being a Psychiatrist, you will be treating patients with mental health issues. You will need to treat problems like depression and anxiety. Having a healthy mental life is very important and therefore taking care of your mental health is very important. You will be helping kids to adults by examining what problems they are facing and providing them with the right treatments. There are many people and students as well who feel very depressed and may have suicidal thoughts. You will be providing the treatment plan for them as well.

Average Salary: $455,000

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If you enjoy working with children, becoming a pediatrician will be one of your most rewarding medical specializations. A pediatrician is a childs doctor who offers preventative health services to healthy children as well as helps children who are chronically ill. Your main concern as a pediatrician would be the well-being of newborns and young children. You will oversee the physical, psychological, and emotional health of the kids in their care at every stage of development, in good health as well as in illness. You will get pleasure in your work, care about childrens welfare, and enjoy having the chance to do good.

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Average Salary: $212,925


A pathologists main role is to discover the origins, characteristics, and diagnosis of a disease. Pathologists typically serve as a consultant to other physicians and advise them on a potential course of therapy. It is ideal for you if you are introverts who prefer to solve difficult puzzles to interact with people. Pathology is one of the greatest medical specialties for work/life balance, with some of the most satisfied doctors working there.

Average Salary: $263,600

Clinical Immunologist

Youll be working with some of the bodys unusual immunological reactions as a clinical immunologist. This branch of medicine frequently involves working with children and assists normally healthy patients with minor medical issues. Since more than half of them operate in private clinics, you can typically offer regular working hours.

Average Salary: $263,600

Emergency medicine

Emergency medicine is that branch of medical sciences, in which you will be taking care of the problems or illness which needs emergency care. You will be generally performing these services in hospitals. It involves taking care of acute diseases. You will have to take care of the patients who need urgent care. As an emergency medicine specialist, you will also need to know the basic functions in the medical field like anesthesia, ultrasound, setting fracture, etc.

Average Salary: $378,000


Nephrology concentrates on the identification and management of kidney problems. As a Nephrologist, you will be specialized in treating basic kidney problems as well as the systemic effects of kidney dysfunction. Taking care of the kidney is important as the kidney performs so many essential tasks. You will help in and handle more difficult or advanced nephrology illnesses. You will also be dealing with early kidney disease prevention, detection, and management.

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Average Salary: $308,000


Anesthesiologists are medical professionals that focus on administering anesthesia, or chemicals that block pain and may put the patients to sleep. Anesthesia is given to patients before, during, and after surgery. As an anesthesiologist, you will need to take care of the dose of anesthesia given to the patient. You will also monitor patients while they are still experiencing the side effects of the medications. Another function you might also perform is to aid in the treatment of chronic pain disorders.

Average Salary: $373,000


Dermatologists are professional doctors who take care of various skin, hair, and nail infections. Skin is an important part of our body and it is important to keep it healthy. It acts like a preventive shield for all your other organs. As a Dermatologist, you will be treating more than 3000 different infections related to the skin. It includes skin cancer, eczema, acne, etc. You will get extensive training so that you can help your patients with different skin-related problems. Not only this, but you will also be treating the birthmarks of the children if it is capable of harming the childs eyesight.

Average Salary: $455,000


Otolaryngologists or ENTs are doctors who are specialized in treating the problems of ears, nose, and throats. As an Otolaryngologist, you will need to take care of the patients who are facing problems related to the head and neck as well. You will be performing simple treatments for allergies on the skin as well as complex issues like tumors in the head. You will also be doing surgeries related to the face and nose. Another job role of yours will be treating ENT services in children.

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Average Salary: $373,000


As an ophthalmologist, you will be taking care of your eyes. You will be treating and diagnosing the problems related to the eyes. It is one of the highest-paying specialties in the US. Most ophthalmologists work in a private clinic, and they get higher pay at the clinic. You will be treating vision and eye-related problems. There are several problems that you may be treating related to the eye which include Cataracts, Glaucoma, retinal detachment, etc.

Average Salary: $455,000

General Surgery

General surgery is the branch of medical science that deals with the problems of Physiology, anatomy, metabolism, etc. As a General surgeon, you will be performing your services in 9 components which include the Alimentary tracts, the Abdomen and its components, complete care of the ill patients, surgical oncology, musculoskeletal, breast and soft tissues, head and neck, vascular system, and endocrine system. You will also be performing life-saving techniques including appendectomy, curative cancer surgery, etc.

Average Salary: $378,000


One of the most complex fields to work in is the medical field. There are several specialties within this field from which you can choose. Though it is extremely important that you must have a good lifestyle along with the profession you choose. Therefore this article helps you to know some of the best medical specialties which give you a good lifestyle.

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