On a job application, what should I put for Subjects of special study/research [Solved]

I have never had a job before, and I am not sure what to put there. It says

If youve never had a job before, you can possibly leave it blank. It also depends on the type of job youre applying for. If youre applying for a computer job, you may want to list computer applications that youre familiar with.
If youre applying for a food service job, letting the employer know that you already have a food handlers card is the way to go. It shows that you have the initiative to get something without having to.

you have a touch strange mindset, and the undemanding certainty is that if your application does not contain the mandatory strategies, your type is purely not sent (if finished on line) or its going to be tossed (if mailed) and additionally you will have wasted some time. whats your difficulty with confirming your id to a capacity employer. maximum of persons rant on approximately unlawful immigrants, yet whilst required to furnish a hassle-unfastened piece of strategies to substantiate their id, seem to treat it as an invasion of privateness or comparable. sturdy success, my chum

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