Physics, An airplane travels at 141 km/h toward the northeast. What is its component of velocity due north [Solved]

An airplane travels at 141 km/h towards the northeast. Whats its part of velocity due north

Element of power alongside north..
141*sin 45 i.e 145*(2^1/2)
I.e 99.72 km/hr..

through reality it fairly is flying in route of the NE, it fairly is flying at a 40 5 diploma perspective into quadrant one (Cartesian coordinate gadget). Draw out a vector starting on the start place, going out at a 40 5 diploma perspective, going 146 a methods. Now make an acceptable triangle by potential of drawing straight all the way in which all the way down to the x-axis. you on the instantaneous have a 40 5-40 5-ninety triangle, whose hypotenuse is 146. the amount its going up (northern part to the vector) is the same through reality the amount its going appropriate (jap part to the vector). have in mind youll be able to add vectors. understanding some trig, resolve for between the triangles legs. want this helps!

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