Radioactive Decay Conceptual Question [Solved]

A radioactive sample undergoes three different types of radioactive decay and emits three different types of particles. As shown in the figure (http://session.masteringphysics. com/problemAsset/1 , these particles are emitted into a region of space with a uniform magnetic field directed out of the plane of the figure. The particles follow the paths indicated, and none of them bends either into or out of the plane of the figure.

The force of the field shown in the figure points down, according to the RHR. Thus, for line 1, you want to choose something that opposes the direction of force. The only answer that would work is Beta(-) decay, because in Beta(-) decay, an electron is released.
For part two, the particle doesnt do anything; it remains in a straight line. Gamma radiation is the answer, because is gamma decay, the only thing emitted is a gamma ray as the particle drops from high to low energy.
Part three is ambiguous as to whether is it Beta( ) decay or alpha decay, so the answer is The type of decay cannot be determined.
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