Select all correct answers. which two statements most accurately describe a tragic drama [Solved]


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Rationalization: The time period Drama Tragic is related to a literary and inventive style of the identical identify. Its the kind of dramatic work with deadly actions that trigger astonishment and compassion.
The characters of a tragedy inevitably encounter the gods or varied conditions in life, in details that make them fatality. The primary character of the tragedy often finally ends up useless or morally destroyed. Its because these tales search to proof the autumn of the principle character and a serious flaw in the principle characters character.


3. centered on the theme of marriage with intertwining plots

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playwrights questioned the standard guidelines of artwork and society (apex) Rationalization:


1 and 4 Rationalization: A tragic drama is a theatrical illustration of the autumn of kings or nobles. It begins in happiness and affluent conditions which finish in chaos and disaster. The primary character in a tragedy tends to be a outstanding individual filled with the Aristocracy whos degradated in the midst of the play, thus, choice 1. The degradation of the tragic hero revolves round a serious flaw or varied flaws in his character which certainly supplies a dramatic contact. Consequently, on stage we will see Macbeth amongst many memmorable tragedies.

1. Based mostly on the down fall of the principle character 4. Centered on a serious flaw in the principle characters character. As a result of, these two statements are the worst of all of them and given that they are on the lookout for aTRAGICassertion, 3