The combustion of propane is best described as an [Solved]

1.endothermic chemical change

Hehe a chemistry query I can reply!

1.endothermic chemical change
ENDO means inside, clearly not its a hearth for gods sakes

2.endothermic bodily change
its not inside nonetheless so no to this too

3.exothermic chemical change
Sure, it occurred outdoors and it was a chemical response so that is the one! its not reversible since its like a hearth lol u attempt to reverse a hearth..

4.exothermic bodily change
its NOT Reversible


The combustion of propane is finest described as an exothermic chemical response. Any combustion requires an exothermic chemical response since oxidization is happening between a gas and an oxidant. Exo=out, Thermic=warmth.

The lady earlier than me is correct, however not for the right motivesorry. It is an exothermic chemical response as a result of it provides off thermal power (versus consuming thermal power) and it is chemical as a result of it includes the breaking and formation of bonds.

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