The timeline below shows several crucial dates in zapotec history: the timeline of zapotec history shows the following dates: 1486 [Solved]

The timeline beneath exhibits a number of essential dates in zapotec historical past: the timeline of zapotec historical past exhibits the next dates: 1486 zapotec warfare victory over aztecs. 1494 aztecs destroy zapotec capital cities. 1496 peace treaty with aztecs. 1519 zapotecs voluntarily undergo spanish rule. 1522 zapotec king baptized as a christian. 1529 unsuccessful rebel in opposition to spain. what occurred because of the zapotecs agreeing to be dominated by the spanish the aztecs conquered the zapotecs. the zapotec king grew to become aztec. the zapotec king grew to become christian. the zapotecs and aztecs solid a peace treaty.

The Zapotec kong grew to become Christian. Rationalization: It was solely 3 years after the Zapotecs agreed to be dominated by the Spanish.

The proper reply is C. The Zapotec king grew to become Christian.

aztecs is that this historic historical past Rationalization:

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