Top 10 best Med Schools for Pediatrics [Solved]

This article will be discussing some of the best Med Schools for Pediatrics. To become a Pediatrician you will have to work hard and complete your residency program after graduating from medical school. You will be trained to help treat children with small to big problems.

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List of Best Med Schools for Pediatrics

This article will help you to learn about some of the best medical schools for Pediatricians

Stanford University

Stanford University is a member of the Ivy League which will give you the best academic program. It is one of the top med colleges for pediatrics. Because of the diverse population in the area, its Medicine Department has increased, especially for Pediatricians.

  • Graduation rate 94%
  • Acceptance rate 5%
  • ACT score 31-35
  • SAT score 1420-1570
  • Tuition fees $56,160
  • MCAT Score 519

Baylor college

The medical school of Baylor College helps you to become a leader in the medical science field. Different courses are offered by the university. It includes Pediatric programs, dual degree programs, etc. This university aims to teach you the fundamentals in such a way that you use them to improve the situation of medical science at present time. Also, the research department of the school helps you to learn how to develop the techniques by which you can help the patients. The hardest challenge that you may face is that this is one of the toughest institutions to get into.

  • Graduation rate 78%
  • Acceptance rate 4.3%
  • ACT score 26-31
  • SAT score 1200-1350
  • Tuition fees $19,425
  • MCAT Score 518

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania was the first med school in the whole country. You can earn an M.D, Ph.D., etc from the university. As a medical student, you will get six modules to study. You also get hands-on practice at this university. There are various groups for students that you can choose to go in.

  • Graduation rate 95%
  • Acceptance rate 9%
  • ACT score 33-35
  • SAT score 1460-1570
  • Tuition fees $61,586
  • MCAT Score 521.9
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University of Washington

You will find around 29,000 professionals, scholars, and faculty members to help you at the university. The only mission of the school is to make you capable of bringing improvement in public healthcare. Each year, its school of medicine receives more than 9000 applications for enrollment in the school. The school provides full support to you so that you can do your best. You will also work with the professionals and assist physicians in getting some clinical experience.

  • Graduation rate 96%
  • Acceptance rate 8%
  • ACT score 34-35
  • SAT score 1470-1550
  • Tuition fees $63,310
  • MCAT Score 510

Harvard University

This university helps you to learn deep scientific topics related to your course. There are different groups that you can join along with your studies. These groups help you to perform various entertaining activities like music clubs or dance clubs. Also, it has five different academic societies in which all the students are divided. The curriculum of the courses helps you to develop clinical skills.

  • Graduation rate 98%
  • Acceptance rate 5%
  • ACT score 33-35
  • SAT score 1460-1580
  • Tuition fees $66,284
  • MCAT Score 520

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University of Cincinnati

It is one of the public research universities, founded in 1819. This university gives you different programs in pediatric, anesthesiology, psychiatry, etc. There are around 1585 full-time faculty available at the university. It is one of the biggest and the largest universities in Ohio with the admission of 44000 students annually.

  • Graduation rate 68%
  • Acceptance rate 76%
  • ACT score 23-29
  • SAT score More than 1160
  • Tuition fees $32,980 (in-state) and $51,244 (out-of-state)
  • MCAT Score 515
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Johns Hopkins University

The Society Curriculum at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine combines academic study with clinical experience for you. You also get intersessions, which are weeklong special courses that focus on advanced skills. It occurs every few months when classes are off. All the students in this school are assigned to four colleges. The four colleges are Nathans, Thomas, Sabin, or Taussig. This is done to help you for each year of your medical school. Advisors are available at every college to help students choose a career, participate in research, and take medical school courses.

  • Graduation rate 93%
  • Acceptance rate 11%
  • ACT score 34-36
  • SAT score 1470-1560
  • Tuition fees $58,000
  • MCAT Score 521

Duke University

You can apply to Duke University till the 15th of October. There are around 1,384 total faculty members in their school of medicine. All the programs that they offer will help you to gain deep theoretical knowledge. It also provides you with a lot of in-hand practice. Going to the School of Medicine at Duke University will also help you to work in partnership programs with Duke University Health System. You will get in-class theory knowledge in your first year and the rest of the years are devoted to clinical practice.

  • Graduation rate 96%
  • Acceptance rate 8%
  • ACT score 34-35
  • SAT score 1470-1550
  • Tuition fees $63,310
  • MCAT Score 519

University Of Colorado

The mission of this university is to make you well aware of all the techniques and processes involved in medical science. This university has around 4850 faculty members only in the school of medicine. You will find more than 4000 programs that are offered in this university in over 150 subjects. You will get a lot of clinical experience so that you can get experience working with patients.

  • Graduation rate 70%
  • Acceptance rate 84%
  • ACT score 28-31
  • SAT score 1350-1550
  • Tuition fees $42,390 (in-state) and $67,110 (out-of-state)
  • MCAT Score 513
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Columbia University

Columbia University has a special college known as the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (VPnS) which is only for medical education. This college will help you to develop the skills that are important for your clinical experience. Also, the college helps to make Columbia University a very important part of the community of Washington heights. The only mission of the university is to make you capable of helping the patients and to do research and develop new techniques.

  • Graduation rate 96%
  • Acceptance rate 6.7%
  • ACT score 33-35
  • SAT score 1460-1540
  • Tuition fees $66,816
  • MCAT Score 512-528


A pediatrician is a specialized doctor who helps children below the age of 18 with every kind of problem. They treat minor to major diseases in children. As a Pediatrician, you need to learn skills on how to deal with children. For this, it becomes important to go to the best medical school that will help you to become a Pediatrician.

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