Top 10 Best pre-Vet Schools in the US [Solved]

Want to learn more about the best Pre-Vet Schools in the US This article will be acknowledging the readers some of the best pre-Vet Schools in the US. So let us know further.

Top 10 Best pre-Vet Schools in the US

Are you an animal lover and thinking about a career in it Well if this is the case then you might think of becoming a Veterinarian. Veterinarians are the doctors that help to treat animals in numerous ways. They help them treat illness or wounds. Though to become a veterinarian is not easy. However, the career growth as a veterinarian is quite big. To become a Veterinarian you will need a basic STEM degree first. You can even choose some colleges which give a special program i.e Pre Vet degree through a DVM program.

Some of the best pre-Vet Schools in the US

Following are the top schools that offer the best pre-vet programs to their students

Hollins University

Hollins is known to be the oldest university in Virginia founded in 1842. The University is located in the fascinating countryside and offers numerous courses for higher education for women. Hollins allows you to choose from 29 major programs and also has a specialized outdoor program. The institution helps students to learn experience from a wide range of animals experience and prepares them.

  • Average GPA 3.73
  • Acceptance rate 75%
  • Average SAT Score 1200
  • Average ACT Score 26
  • Tuition fees $40,350

Tufts University

Tufts University was founded in 1852 and is located at the border of Medford and Somerville. Tufts is among the most highly ranked university in the United States. The University provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs to students who aspire to DVM. Being a highly esteemed university, Tufts has many undergraduate and graduate learners working in distinct research labs. The Institute will provide you with incredible research and internship opportunities.

  • Average GPA 4.0
  • Average MCAT 515
  • Acceptance rate 16%
  • Average SAT Score 1380-1530
  • Average ACT Score 32-35
  • Tuition fees $60,862
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Michigan State University

The pre-vet track at Michigan State University is available for incoming freshmen. Although this track does not award you a degree, it does provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to apply to veterinary school. Before entering veterinary school, you must pick a major that will get you a degree, such as a biology or animal science. You must also maintain contact with pre-vet advisors.

  • Average GPA 3.75
  • Average MCAT 506 508
  • Acceptance rate 71.1%
  • Average SAT Score 1100-1300
  • Average ACT Score 23-29
  • Tuition fees $14,914 (in-state) and $40,726 (out-of-state)

Clemson University

Clemson University was established in 1889. It offers a pre-vet curriculum that gives you hands-on exposure to many animal species. The fundamentals of math and science will be taught to you so that you can excel in veterinary school. In addition to providing a variety of livestock for students to engage with, Clemson University also created a vaccine against chicken cholera.

  • Average GPA 4.43
  • Average MCAT 472 528
  • Acceptance rate 51.3%
  • Average SAT Score 1210-1390
  • Average ACT Score 27-32
  • Tuition fees $15,558 (in-state) and $38,550 (out-of-state)

Washington State University

The university was founded in 1890 and is the oldest in Pullman. It is an open research university. You can choose from various programs that the university offers. It has a flexible range of programs for students who wish to attend DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). For assisting students, they also have pre-vet advisors. They not only help you to select a degree path but furthermore instruct you on the application process. The University also has an Honors pre-admit program that allows you to accomplish your bachelors and DVM.

  • Average GPA 3.46
  • Average MCAT 494 524
  • Acceptance rate 79.9%
  • Average SAT Score 1020-1210
  • Average ACT Score 20-26
  • Tuition fees $12,170 (in-state) and $27,113 (out-of-state)
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University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut offers pre-vet programs that include instruction from renowned professors and access to a variety of farm animals. In a top-notch pre-vet program, having proper facilities is just as important as having the necessary expertise. You will get the chance to develop research skills and practical experience with different animals. You will get complete coursework that will help you to stand out as a successful applicant for future programs.

  • Average GPA 3.76
  • Average MCAT 513
  • Acceptance rate 56.1%
  • Average SAT Score 1160-1390
  • Average ACT Score 27-32
  • Tuition fees $17,830 (in-state) and $40,502 (out-of-state)

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University of Southern Maine

This university is located in Poland, ME. After graduating from university you will get a post-baccalaureate pre-veterinary studies certificate. Before receiving the certificate, you must fulfill certain criteria. 14 credits in biology, 22 credits in chemistry, 10 credits in physics, and 4 credits in math must be completed. You must graduate with at least a C-, and six of these credits must be acquired.

  • Average GPA 3.16
  • Acceptance rate 80.9%
  • Average SAT Score 958 -1160
  • Average ACT Score 20-25
  • Tuition fees $9,229 (in-state) and $22,050 (out-of-state)

Pennsylvania State University

This university offers a lot of pre-veterinary courses that help you to get prepare for vet school. You can find a lot of small groups and organizations which will help you to work around different animals. You can also perform different internships in a similar field. This will help you to get the required number of working experience for your vet schools.

  • Average GPA 3.58
  • Average MCAT 510
  • Acceptance rate 75.9%
  • Average SAT Score 1265-1370
  • Average ACT Score 28-33
  • Tuition fees $18,450 (in-state) and $35,514 (out-of-state)
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University of Maryland

This university provides you with different programs in agriculture and veterinary medicine. You will also get a lot of internship programs within renowned organizations including the National Institutes of Health, Animal Science Organizations, etc. Almost around 86% of students from this program are accepted into higher medical schools.

  • Average GPA 4.32
  • Average MCAT 515
  • Acceptance rate 44.2%
  • Average SAT Score 1270 1400
  • Average ACT Score 30-34
  • Tuition fees $10,799 (in-state) and $36,891 (out-of-state)

University of Arizona

This is another university where you can have a bachelor of science with a pre-veterinarian program. You will learn about various basics of working with animals. There are various pre-vet programs including pathology study for the animals. You will also learn about human bonding with different animals.

  • Average GPA 3.39
  • Average MCAT 5011
  • Acceptance rate 84.6%
  • Average SAT Score 1120
  • Average ACT Score 21
  • Tuition fees $12,691 (in-state) and $36,718 (out-of-state)


Being an animal lover, you may want to make your career in the veterinarian field. For this, it is important to have various requirements. Having a pre-veterinarian program will help you to learn the basics of a veterinarian program and also will help you to perform various internships and earn the required number of hours to get admission into a vet school. This article includes the top 10 schools that offer pre-veterinarian programs that will help you get admission to vet schools.

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